You have to buy the book, you don’t have to read it

I support Indie Authors. All it takes is a dollar or three dollars or something to help them out. The more books they sell, the more likely they are to write more books. The more likely that one of those books will be my favorite book.

So far I don’t have any Indie favorites, the ones I’ve picked up have been average at best, but I still buy them, why? Because I support Indie Authors.

I don’t need to win books via giveaways, get arcs from netgalley, or get galleys from the authors themselves. I don’t need to review every book I read.

I don’t have to read every book I buy.

But if I don’t buy those books, then those authors won’t write them, and the more books I don’t buy, the more authors won’t write books to begin with.

And I’m not about to crush anyone else’s dream because they’re Indie.

Not everyone can win the book lottery, and even then, that book lottery comes with a lot of pressure and manipulation. I don’t think everyone could live with that.

And so I buy Indie books by Indie Authors because I want them to succeed, I want them to write more books, I want them to improve.

One day I’ll find a story out there that’s from an Indie Author that’s so absolutely amazing it’s hard to believe it’s an Indie Book.

When I find it, I’ll let you know.

Until then, I’ll keep perusing the shelves on Kindle to see what I come up with.

What about you? Do you read every book you buy? Do you care who publishes what? Do you avoid Indie Authors? Do you support Indie Authors?

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  • Book Crook Liza says:

    I found one of those that I couldn&#39;t believe it was self published: Perception by Heather Cashman. Seriously, that woman deserves way more recognition than she&#39;s got so far. <br /><br />I always am looking out for independently published books, because some people don&#39;t think they can publish a book with a big publishing house, so they choose to self publish without even trying. And a

  • J.J. Bonds says:

    Love this post. I&#39;m a new blogger so I don&#39;t get ARC&#39;s and every book I read is bought with my own money. Not a big deal because I love to read and I&#39;ve been doing it most of my life. <br /><br />However, it&#39;s great to be able to pick up indie books at a lower retail than I might pay for a NYT best seller. I&#39;ve found quite a few that I&#39;ve enjoyed and while none is

  • Larissa says:

    One of my favorite books is by a self-published author. Mortal Obligation by Nichole Chase was absolutely amazing and I am highly anticipating the next installment!<br /><br />I haven&#39;t read a ton of books by indie authors, but I&#39;m starting to read more!

  • Lani Wendt Young says:

    I&#39;ve been pleasantly surprised by many of my Indie author purchases. I love the opportunities that are available for writers now to publish their work. And i love that it means i can read a whole lot of stuff, a whole lot cheaper. Yes, i find a few that need a bit of proof work and editing. But overall, the quality is good and Im enjoying my Indie reading. Ive jst finished &#39;Sundered&#39;

  • Watcher's notes says:

    I read every book I purchase. I purchase books weekly (about 3 a week minimum) – well ever since getting my Kobo. I review about 90% of the books I read.<br /><br />I can&#39;t remember the last time I bought a book from a well known author.<br /><br />Between G+ and Twitter I follow or am followed by about 400+ aspiring writers, writers, authors, self published….name it. I am not at a loss

  • @AEWrites says:

    I agree. <br /><br />I do read all the books I buy; however, it may take me a lot longer to read books that just aren&#39;t grabbing my attention… indie or not. And I don&#39;t buy any indie author, I buy the ones that are real and don&#39;t spam me. Those are the authors I want to see succeed, ya know, the ones that interact and inquire of their readers. <br /><br />As a writer, I haven&#39;t

  • Carradee says:

    I don&#39;t read all the free titles I collect, but if I pay for it, I pay for it—if it&#39;s an e-book, anyway. There are some used books I pick up for $0.50 that languish on my shelves, unread or partially read, against one of those days that I&#39;m sick and can&#39;t or don&#39;t want to leave bed.

  • Claude Bouchard says:

    Very encouraging post and comments. As an indie writer myself, I&#39;m pleased to see more and more people opening up to and embracing unknown authors. Over the last couple of years, I&#39;ve seen my reading time progressively occupied by indie work while novels by Koontz, Deaver, Connelly and others collect dust on my TBR shelf. As mentioned in comments above, some self-pub or small press works

  • N.V. Binder says:

    I&#39;m glad to hear that readers enjoy supporting indie authors–even if they don&#39;t always have time to give our books a shot. The real struggle with indie publishing is the lack of professional polishing and editing; I think that the challenges of mainstream publishing often make better writers out of us. <br /><br />That said, with content industries in trouble, the big publishing houses

  • DMB says:

    I am just beginning to explore this area and find the post and all of the above comments helpful. Will have more to say about it in the near future!

  • The Chick Lit Guy says:

    I bought an indie book recently because I met the authoress on twitter and she assigned it to me. I wonder how often that will happen, now that I am letting my twitter community tell me what to read. <br /><br />If the person who wins my contest wants me to read indie writers, then I will. It would definitely save me a lot of money. The other thing is that indie authors are more accessible for

  • SweetMarie83 says:

    Awesome post, Rhi! I whole-heartedly support indie authors, and I love seeing more and more people who do, too. I don&#39;t necessary read every book either, and so far I haven&#39;t come across anything I LOVE, but I&#39;ve read quite a few that are really good and that I enjoyed…but it&#39;s the same way with traditional publishing, there have only been a few books I&#39;ve loved in the last

  • Bonnie says:

    I try to read every book that I buy – although I but a lot so it can take me a while to get to them. I strongly support indie authors because I am always on the lookout for a great story – and having a big name publisher, in my opinion, does not always gurantee that you have strong characters and a fantastic story!<br /><br />Great discussion!<br /><br />Bonnie @ <a href="http://

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