WRITING: WiP Feedback Form

Hey All!

I have drafted up a WIP Feedback Form for BETA Readers. If you’re having some trouble with BETAs who give too much criticism and opinion, or not enough criticism and opinion or too much opinion and no criticism, this will sort it out clearly!

You should be able to copy and paste this into MS word so you can send it to your Betas!

Good luck with your writing!


WIP Feedback Form

How did you feel about the sequence of events? Was anything missing, confusing, unexplained, etc? Please be specific.

What were your thoughts on the characters? Were they relatable, loveable, consistent, 3D, effective, etc? What can I improve on? Please be specific.

Were you hooked from the beginning? How long did it take you to read through the book? Did you find it a forced read?

What did you think of the POV? Was it consistent, lyrical, flowing, addictive?

If this were a published book, how would you review it? Include star rating and comments.

Was there anything you liked/ disliked about the book personally as a reader? Things that were / not your preference?

What are you overall thoughts of the book as a whole? Can you see yourself being interested in the book if it were on the shelves in a bookstore?

You may want to revise this as necessary, but these are the basic things I want to know from my BETAs. If they can give you constructive criticism through this format, then you’re golden and you can then sort through what to use and what not to use. Obviously if a BETA tell you in the VOICE section that they wish you had written the whole book in first person instead of third, you can probably cut that out. Anything that requires you to change the entire book is probably not useful, but anything that makes the book better, is awesome. You never know when a Beta is going to say something like, “I really wished that during this battle between Luke and Darth Vader, that he said “I am your father!”” Ha, just for an example. Your Betas can be the difference between a good book and an awesome book. This will help you pick their brains!



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