WRITING: What is wrong with me!?

So I signed a book contract this week, officially attaching me to Coscom Entertainment for an exorbitant length of time.

And nothing in my life has changed.

I haven’t celebrated.

I haven’t eaten cake.

I haven’t bought myself presents just because I can.

I haven’t called my mom, my bff, my brother, my aunt in Calgary, or my pen pal in Australia.

What is wrong with me!?

Before it happened I was all bursting at the seams wanting to tell someone.

Now that it HAS happened I keep wanting to pinch myself. I’m dreaming right? I’m dreaming because this huge, amazing thing that I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember wouldn’t happen to me, would it?

Well it just did.

And I don’t want cake. Getting the deal is better than cake, in fact, getting the deal trumps everything, nothing can ever be better than this.

And that makes me sad because I’m still a baby author at the bottom of this giant mountain that I was thinking I might climb. Now I’m expected to climb it, feigning expertise, in hopes that I don’t hit a landslide and tumble into oblivion.

*sigh* I’m reminded of a chinese proverb: every journey begins with a single step.

Consider this book deal stuff step one.

There are only thousands more steps to go.


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  • Gabbie says:

    Congratulations!<br />Keep climbing those steps because its not everyday a dream comes true and just remember you&#39;ve got your friends, family and fans to help you keep going!<br /><br />Btw I don&#39;t think anything is wrong with you. Maybe your just in shock. Something big did just happen. Write on some post-it notes &quot;I just signed a book contract&quot; and stick them all over the

  • Molli @ Once Upon a Prologue says:

    Step one counts for a LOT, chica. 😀 And so you don&#39;t want cake or to celebrate yet. That time will come. Maybe one morning all at once, or maybe just in stages. Just take a deep breath and give yourself a pat on the back bc you are awesome!

  • Betty: Reflections with Coffee says:

    Hurrah! You got your foot in the door …. walk through and grab that cake. Congrats.

  • Royce Murray says:

    You&#39;ll be great Rhi. If your talent is as abundant as your generosity of spirit – and I suspect it is – you are destined for a long and successful career.

  • TheReadingOwl says:

    Remember, you have a lot of people who believe in you. I do and I&#39;m sure most of your followers do too. And we will support you no matter what happens! We will be the ones who throws confetti when things go well, and if your book totally sucks…well, then we will unfollow and hate you FOREVER! MUAHAHA! Haha, I&#39;m just kidding! I&#39;m sure your book doesn&#39;t suck, but if it&#39;s not

  • Mireille says:

    Yay! And congrats! Just remember to keep having fun and you will do brilliantly! *hugs*

  • regectedriter says:

    SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS!!! EAT SOME CAKE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome, so happy to hear that there&#39;s some good news in the writing world. May your road be filled with words and success!

  • Deb Nance at Readerbuzz says:

    Congratulations! Enjoy this time!

  • Tymothy Longoria says:

    &quot;Consider this book deal stuff step one.&quot;<br /><br />My thoughts exactly…well almost. <br /><br />I digress. <br /><br />Congrats are most def in order and everyone is proud and very happy for you! <br /><br />Onward!!!

  • Ava Jae says:

    Congratulations! Totally celebrate SOMEhow, even if it&#39;s just sharing it with your family and friends. You totally deserve the celebration. :) <br /><br />So exciting!

  • wrenandre says:

    That is completely and utterly awesome. I wish you all the best. And just keep taking those steps everyday – you can do it!

  • Michelle says:

    Things are good with me? This seems like you&#39;re a bit overwhelmed. I am looking at it as you already took you first step, you just need to take the next! Im so proud of you!

  • Shelagh says:

    Whenever I feel overwhelmed by something I remind myself to take baby steps. You&#39;ve taken the hardest one (Congratulations) now you just need to let your feet take you forward.<br /><br />All the best!<br /><br />Shelagh<br /><a href="http://thewordfiend.net&quot; rel="nofollow">The Word Fiend</a>

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