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Good afternoon,

This post was inspired by Maggie Stiefvater who pointed me to this article on writer jealousy.

I can’t contain my thoughts in the span of 140 characters and so I’m addressing the topic to the best of my ability.

I’ve been jealous before. Maggie, I’m always jealous of you, your writing is more amazing than mine could ever be. Others have received a good healthy amount of envy / jealousy from me, but I tend to become a big fan girl of the people I’m jealous of.

Reason being? Jealousy is a really useless emotion. It’s just as useful as doubt. As a writer, psychic, mom, business owner, and blogger, I don’t have time for it.

What I think is that the people who aren’t confident in their writing are the people who get jealous. I mean really, nobody would be jealous if they were confident that their book was good too.

And a six figure book deal, bestseller status, big publisher hype is validation enough that a book is good.

But you want the big secret? Maggie almost stopped writing once too. And she was a bestseller when she went through that. (I remember, she was listening to the Perishers on a floor.) (I love that song btw) But she didn’t give up did she? And even when she was worried about having to rename Sam because of Twilight she didn’t give up. She believed enough in her book that she was brave enough to give it the audience it deserved.

The first and only person who has to believe in a book is the author. If the author themselves think they suck, well yeah they’re going to be jealous of the people who don’t think they suck and are brave enough to take the rejection. Really, all jealousy can teach writers is that they need to either believe in themselves more, or work harder.

And let’s face it, it’s more the latter because there’s ALWAYS room to grow as a writer. It’s NOT something that anyone will ever master.

Publishing pretty much comes down to how much you believe in yourself, how much you’re willing to work, how determined you are, how well received your work is, and how patient you can be.

In the long run, how jealous you are is only going to hurt your chances of ever being the next debut author to pick up a huge book deal.


P.S. And if you were jealous BEFORE getting the book deal, just think about all the anxiety attacks you’ll suffer when you face the spelling and grammar police.

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