WRITING: That thing I’m not doing right now

And it’s not because I don’t know how, or don’t want to, but because I’m terrified of this next book. It’s the third in my longer than a trilogy series. My unpublished, unknown, unagented, unanything series.

Seriously, why I’m still writing this series when the first book isn’t even picked up yet is beyond me. Don’t most people write a book, sell the first and second one that isn’t even written yet, potentially negotiate for more and go from there?

I thought so too, except then I also thought about the horrors of writing under pressure and needing to have the words on the page and frankly, there are times when I can’t do it.

Like right now for instance. I don’t have writer’s block, random bits of fiction flood my senses almost everyday. I find myself narrating in my sleep, but then it’s kind of sunny outside and I’d rather not spend the whole summer ignoring my family.

Oh and subsequently ignore the waterparks, tinkertown, the beach, the bbq’s, the walks, the park, the play dates, the corn on the cob, the watermelon.

Summer is too nice for me to attach myself to the computer for countless hours on end and pump out something that’s actually pretty gruesome. I outlined this book awhile ago so in a way it’s already written. I’ve already watched the scenes in my head, I’ve already lived through the character’s turmoil. I can just flick the switch and go on auto pilot and watch the world around me drain away and feel the other world fill me.

And then totally freak myself out because the things happening in this book are not nice things. I like to say that I write YA High Fantasy / Paranormal Romance, but there isn’t a lot of difference between High Fantasy and Dystopian. Often High Fantasy depicts a Dystopian society that isn’t Earth, and the heroes have to work to liberate the people and make it Utopian, like in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, where Richard Cypress is liberating the people in the midlands. In my case, my heroes are not really heroes at all, and not to be the spoiler queen, but they have a lot of potential for destruction and mayhem. I think up until this point I’ve been pretty tame all things considering, but this book isn’t tame.

And so I hate to say it, but I’m stalling because I’m scared of writing this third book.

Any comments are greatly appreciated, help me get over this hump.

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  • Judith Marshall says:

    Take a break! You can&#39;t force yourself to be creative. <br /><br />Best,<br />Judith Marshall<br />Author of &quot;Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever,&quot; recently optioned for the big screen.

  • Brynne says:

    Be where you are, sweet soul. Let it wash over you like a long hot shower. Honor yourSelf and you will come through it when its time.:)

  • Suzy Turner says:

    There&#39;s absolutely nothing wrong with being scared! Its a huge thing to write a book. Just take your time, enjoy the process and your head will work it all out for you.<br />Good luck Rhiannon. I&#39;m sure all will be well!!<br />Best wishes<br />Suzy Turner<br />http://suzyturner.blogspot.com

  • J.L. Murphey says:

    Everyone gets scared. Everyone wants to play hookie. The fact that you are unanything right now is just that…you are unanything yet! Things can change in a day. Son&#39;t sell yourself short. Everyone has doubts, honey.<br />The beautiful thing about being unanything is the only deadlines you have are the ones you make.

  • RhiannonPaille says:

    Just an update to say that the same day I wrote this I broke through my nervousness and wrote 5300 words in an evening. I&#39;m back on the horse!

  • Suzy Turner says:

    Congrats Rhiannon!! See? You had nothing to worry about!!<br />Best wishes<br />Suzy Turner

  • Catherine Stine says:

    Hi<br />I feel for you. When I&#39;m in this position, the best thing for me to do is sit my butt in the chair for a determined amount of hours and write. After the first half-hour, it usually starts to flow. I find that if I wait for total inspiration, I sometimes can wait for weeks. But it sounds like from your latest replies that you&#39;re already okay. So, kudos!

  • lionmother says:

    See, sometimes when you vent your frustration it uncorks you and you find you can write again. I write in spurts too, but find that when I&#39;m committed to something like say, NaNoWriMo, I tend to write and finish novels.:) I&#39;ve done three with that and started a fourth which was finished later. The only book I didn&#39;t do with NaNo was my first novel now being published in September.

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