WRITING: Reject me so I can get published

Boy oh boy there’s a title for sore eyes, but it’s an honest one.

Query round three began and ended July 11th, 2011. This round was with a more salable product that had been beta tested, critiqued by a literary agent, rewritten again, and edited again. I sent out a query letter that had been hacked to bits by the ladies at www.shewrites.com and admittedly I did it because I felt like I had to do it.

When talking to said editor who is interested in my project, I told him I was querying to cover my ass. If any of the 14 that haven’t flat out rejected me without even reading the whole book get back to me wanting to take a look they can.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to sign a contract with them, but getting noticed would be nice.

Getting rejected would be better so I can get on with it and get published.

This query round was more to ensure that any of the beta readers that have a) the edited book and b) the query letter off my website, can’t go to the literary agents and try to query my project. (I can’t tell you how stupid that would be since most people who know me will see my blog or my twitter account or my facebook page, etc. etc. They’ll see the teasers and trailers I did for the book and um, yeah, but again, another precaution right?)

And so the thought in the back of my head during this round was, “If one of these agents turns out to be awesome, then sure, if they all hate me, then GREAT, I can query the small press people I KNOW PERSONALLY and go from there.”

I don’t need to explain the fact that running a comic con gives me links to a lot of people, namely people IN publishing. Not huge big 6 publishing, but still. I know people who work for Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, etc. etc. I had completely forgotten about that in May and then with Wizard World backing out of C4, I suddenly remembered. So while on the phone with the editor in chief of one of the smaller publishing houses that comes out to C4 every year, we got talking about my book and then he asked to see it and then he said he’d publish it for this year’s con if he likes it.

Which is pretty damned good in my books.

And then around the same time, I was on the phone with my artist friend Tommy Castillo down in Florida and I mentioned my books and he says, “Uhhh Rhi? I DO BOOK COVERS SILLY GIRL. LET ME DO YOURS FOR YOU.” and that was the extent of that conversation, along with hanging out with him when I’m down in Florida.

And then add Jello who is a cosplayer who makes her own costumes and can make dresses and cloaks and stuff like it’s nobody’s business.

Add Sam and Ayla who are film students who can edit, do special effects, and shoot video like pros.

Add Kramer who is awesome at composing instrumental music.

Add Ted who’s our C4 photographer who’s also a professional wedding photographer and cosplay photographer.

And there you have it.

When it comes to publishing these days, I think people need to look more at their personal capabilities because yes, while the big 6 can put your books on the shelves, they’re NOT getting book trailers, posters, book signing tours, convention appearances, bookmarks, or other marketing / advertising going for YOU. They’re doing the basics, editing, formatting, binding, pricing, foreign rights, film rights/optioning, ARC reviews, and distribution.

Frankly? The big different between small press and the big 6 is 6 figure advances.

And half the time the author will fall into obscurity if they don’t do something to make themselves.

Books these days are becoming more of a use all your talents and do what you can to get yourself out there. Not wait around for a big publisher to take you and make you a big thing.

So please please please reject me literary agents. Reject me so that I can get published.


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