WRITING: Noticing Small Press Publishing

Hey everyone,

You do realize that you don’t need to be self pubbed to be on Kindle right?

And you also don’t need to be with a big 6 to be published. Did you know that too?

Well if you didn’t, here are some publishing companies that are NOT affiliated with the big 6.

Angry Robot

Black Zombie Publishing

Coscom Entertainment

Dark Side Publishing

Entangled Pub

Llewellyn’s (Flux)

Quirk Books

Revolution Publishing

Rhemalda Publishing

Samhain Publishing

Spencer Hill Press

Sterling Publishing


And I’m sure there’s more I’m missing, but the thing is, 50% of people don’t care who published the book, they care that the book is good. Publishers are irrelevant.

And yes, some of these companies take unsolicited manuscripts, some of them are closed for submissions, some of them take only solicited manuscripts, etc. etc. Some of them get books into bookstores, some of them do POD, some of them do ebooks only, but all of them publish books, all of them get the books into the market, and all of them are there to help authors get their stories out there.

What more could you really ask for?


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  • Brenna says:

    I'm so glad you brought this up and decided to post this! I do love books from the big 6, and I've even read some wonderful self-pub books too, but there are some incredible small pubs out there who are publishing fantastic books! And they definitely deserve more attention than they're currently getting. ESPECIALLY for anyone interested in YA, because so many of those on your list

  • Mandroid says:

    Some of these companies are new to me, so thanks for pulling a list together. I&#39;ll have to check them out.<br /><br />One note though – Tor is a subsidiary of Macmillan or at least Macmillan hosts their publishing catalog.

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