WRITING: Hook, Line and Sinker

WARNING: If you don’t like happy dances, stop reading now.

I had an epiphany the other night. I was going through my Kindle, Kobo and PDF reader on my iphone, flipping between books thinking hmm, what do I want to read now?

And then I had a really bad idea. I had sent the first draft of FLAME OF THE APOCALYPSE to my Beta Reader who has read the first two books. I realized that technically I can download it so it’s on my phone. All I had to do was go to my inbox, click on the sent folder, and then scroll through a few hundred messages to find the e-mail I sent her two weeks ago.

Sure enough I find it, download it and open it up into my PDF reader.

I start reading . . .


I can’t stop, for some reason I’m completely sucked into the book, it’s got this crazy hold on me, the gait of the words, the flow of the sentences, the pretty words I use, the emotions and feelings of the characters . . .

It really didn’t feel like MY book.

I kept reminding myself, “this is the FIRST DRAFT.”

Usually what used to happen when I’d open up FLAME OF SURRENDER or its little brother FLAME OF JUSTICE, I’d read through the prologue which was usually free of grammar and spelling errors, and then get into the first paragraph of the first chapter and STOP. I’d find some minuscule spelling error or a sentence that’s out of place or I’m not feeling it or something.


I only read through the first chapter and then forced myself to stop. My husband actually came into the room and was like, “Are we watching Fringe tonight or what?” and so I put the phone down, just because of him.

I tried to stay away from it too, I was like, “Oh no, I’m actually spoiling myself by reading this, the second book has A LOT of work to do.”

But then I was bored in the car and didn’t feel like reading anyone else’s book for once so I was back again. Got through the second chapter.


I don’t know what the heck it is with this book, but there’s something different about it.

And there were plenty of things I did differently while writing the first draft.

1. I wrote in first person limited from the get go. I was inside only one character’s head at a time, I even planned it out in my outline by putting their initials next to the scene that was from their POV.

2. I expanded my vocabulary. I used a lot of simple words that I didn’t know about before, there are plenty of 4 and 5 letter words that are both different, non Shakespearean and interesting. I did my best to include these words when writing. Expanding your vocabulary doesn’t mean learn bigger words, it means learn all the small words you don’t know exist yet. Just FYI for others out there that still find themselves sauntering . . . y’all could be parrying or tarrying or you could have an awkward gait. Think of it like scrabble when you play against the computer and they get like 33 points from playing Xi.

3. I wrote it all in one period of time. I was there everyday with it, and because of that I was able to keep the same language, tone and style. Best thing to do is if you begin writing it, don’t stop until it’s finished.

I’m dreading going through the editing process on the second book, but what will steer me on is the fact that the third book is so worry free.

What about you? When did your writing hook you?


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  • Denise Z says:

    Thank you for sharing. My writing has not hooked me yet – but I love sharing the happy dancing with you :)

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