WRITING: Do you remember when writing was fun?

A time when you came up with a story and characters just because you thought it was fun, not because there was some impact you were trying to make with the world, some competition in gore or romance you were trying to win, some literary agent or editor you were trying to impress, some NYT best sellers list you were trying to top?

Do you remember when you wrote just because you wanted to write and you didn’t care how it turned out or who read it or how many stars on Amazon your book would get?

I do . . .


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  • booksntea says:

    I forgot for a while. I unfortunately had a number of writing teachers in college that almost ruined writing for me. They had a very snobby outlook on writing, what made good writing, who writers could be. It was kind of frustrating. I always left class feeling my work was worthless.<br /><br />Oddly, during my last semester at college when I was finishing up some requirements for a business

  • Selena says:

    I&#39;ve found that I&#39;d been forgetting this very idea as I made the rounds through the agents, constantly changing query letters to suit each individual. Then I sat back, looked around, and remembered what got me writing in the first place–and it wasn&#39;t agents. Now I have a better focus and enjoy writing again. <br /><br />Thanks for reminding me this morning.<br /><br />Selena<br />

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