WRITING: 10 Signs your writing is improving


I’m currently in the editing cave, really sorry, but I should have some news for everyone soon, very good news I hope!

Often writers talk about getting better, and the old adage is that your first million words are crap, and everything after that is gold. Well, I don’t know what I think about that other than the fact that I’m over the million word mark now for sure!

But here are some signs that your writing is actually getting better and not worse.

1) You use bigger words in casual conversation and then have to explain them to your friends because they don’t know what the heck palpable, or nefarious or dichotomy means.

2) You hate absolutely everything you’ve written six months or a year ago.

3) You find yourself groaning at other people’s work when they use the same elementary word choices you used once upon a time.

4) You use www.thesaurus.com more than you use www.twitter.com.

5) Your newer work is littered with metaphors and observations you’d never noticed as much as six months to a year ago.

6) You read more than you have before, and you pick out interesting words that other authors have used.

7) Sometimes you think in prose, and then you HAVE to go to the computer, find a notebook or even type it into the notebook on your phone just to remember it. You know, for later use.

8) When you buy new music, you’re thinking about how great it’ll be to write to this music.

9) Everything that happens to you could be turned into fiction, and you’re always memorizing details about people because they could be used in your characters later.

10) Your house is as messy as mine is and you have no intentions of cleaning it anytime soon.


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