WRITERS: Top 5 Most Memorable Scenes


Lori over at Pure Imagination raised an interesting question today, one that I had been pondering last night myself. What makes a book magic?

There are books out there that I read that I fall in love with. What makes a book magic for me is the believeable factor. If I can believe that this story could really happen somewhere, that these characters really exist, then I’m in. I’ll be their biggest fan.

It got me thinking and almost panicking about my unpublished series, The Ferryman and The Flame. For the other aspiring writers out there this believeable factor, this magic factor is something we all try to achieve with our WiP’s.

There’s a way to know if you’ve succeeded.

Mundie Moms has been hosting a weekly special where they talk about their favorite scenes from City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.

That’s the ticket right there. Scenes so good that people have to read the book just for those scenes. If you read through a book and nothing sticks in your mind afterwards, scenes, liners, emotional reactions to the characters, then the book has failed. If however you find yourself going back to the same scenes over and over again and you end up naming scenes the “Dirty Sexy Alley Scene” or “The Seelie Court Scene” or “The Bookstore Scene” or “The Porch Scene” then you’ve got a framework for the book in your head. You might not remember everything but you’ll remember those scenes. THAT is what will make the book good, it’s all about the scenes!

This next part is an exercise for these aspiring writers and for myself I’ll post my answers right here.

Which scenes in your WiP are the most memorable? Why are they memorable?

If you can come up with 5 memorable scenes, scenes that people will find so irresistible they have to read the rest of the book, then kudos you win! If not, keep working at it!

The Ferryman and The Flame: Surrender
(my 5 most memorable scenes)

1. “Are you always like that?” : Krishani watches Kaliel swim with the merfolk. They meet for the first time afterwards and he creates an orb of ice for her.

2. “This is what I want.” : Krishani and Kaliel meet at the waterfall a second time, this time they kiss, but she runs away from him.

3. “Your destiny is greater than your love” : That horrible scene when Lady Atara tells Krishani that he has to leave Avristar and go to the Lands of Men.

4. “Ro Tulten Lye” : The dream Kaliel has where she dies with Lotesse, the Emerald Flame and finds out, he comes for us

5. “You were the last person I wanted to see before I died.” : Pux appears in the village where Kaliel is hiding. He’s wounded from battle and all he wants is one last moment with his best friend.

There are actually more I can think of and I could make another list for the WiP I’m currently editing.

The Ferryman and The Flame: Warrior

1. “She was everywhere and nowhere,” : Krishani watches the magma flow into the lake, thinking heavily about all the bad things that have happened.

2. “Ten thousand years” : Tulsen Tavesin tells Krishani what the Ferryman is expected to do. Krishani doesn’t want to be a Ferryman.

3. “I want to watch the blossoming,” : A dream sequence where Kaliel and Krishani end up in the orchards at Beltane where they watch the blossoming together.

4. “Tell him to come for me!” : Krishani threatens the Daed and dares Crestaos to come for him. The way he came for Kaliel.

5. “Kaliel?” : Krishani turns to see the body of the girl filled with the flame’s fire.

Post your comments here with either your top 5 scenes or with a link to where you posted them on your blog!