Wordy Wednesday: The Late Afternoon Edition

Good afternoon,

My plan was to edit the remaining 74 pages of Warrior today, but that was pre-empted for the number of clients that were calling me today.

I think I ended up cramming in 8 clients in 4 hours. That’s an unusual kind of thing for me, it’s usually 3-5 in 4-6 hours, and so since I feel like I’ve had a lobotomy, it doesn’t help me with editing.

The good thing about this is that I realize that I have a job first, and a novel to pay attention to second. I’m not going to be one of those authors out there that worries incessantly about book sales and the hype and my popularity. I’ll probably worry a bit about it, but as long as the book is out there I’ll be happy.

I’m not even really worried about getting an advance for my work when I finally get the deal. I realize that will come with the territory but the thing is, I already have a job that gives me a steady income. And I’m self employed, or independently contracted. As long as I play by the rules at Live Person, I’ll continue to get business in that arena.

The question for you other aspiring writes out there is what do you have to fall back on? Nathan Bransford once asked how will authors be making money in the digital age with things like kindle, nook and kobo out there?

Some very smart alecky person answered: The same way they do now, they have a day job.

And that sums up my point. I’m not going to rely on my books to be making me oodles of money. While it would be nice to be recognized internationally and be optioned for film and what not, it’ll just be nice for people to read my books. I’ll still be online working as a psychic reader and juggling my writing life alongside that.

When it comes to deadlines and writing, I can be very dedicated to it. I’ve been able to write 78,000 words in a month and still make my usual monthly goals on Live Person. I’ve been able to edit a book in 3 days, and I’ve been able to pump out new scenes, outlines and ideas for other stories in between.

I am a big fan of letting things sit and simmer in my mind, that is, I’ll dream up a scene, and then I’ll let it marinate in my mind and then I’ll come back to it later and will write it down when it’s totally ready.

So today my idea for editing got away on me, and there’s piano lessons for the kids tonight so I’ll likely not get things done, but I’ll be thinking about whats next for my story and have it sitting in the slow cooker so that when I do get working on it again I’m inspired, prepared and totally ready.

And I recently got a song stuck in my head that I haven’t listened to in forever, which will bring me oodles of inspiration. You may have heard it, it’s below.