Wordy Wednesday: Productive Weekends

Most amusing comment of the week: “So I reorganized my kitchen and thought I was being productive, but you, you outlined an entire book series. So that totally trumps my productiveness.”

Yes, I outlined another series, which means I have 3 series to write, plus a few more shorts, not to mention assignments for LRWG, blogging, reviewing, etc. etc.

There are still more books on my list, and I picked up Carrie Ryan’s Forest of Hands and Teeth Series as well today to add to the pile.

But back to creative writing stuff. You’ll be seeing some more of my short stories on this blog. I have a couple more completed ones I will be sharing with you and then I’ll be writing some new stuff.

The new series is now on the WIPs page and I have the first two books outlined on paper, the third is swirling around my head a bit, will be writing down my point form connect the dots stuff in a little bit. I’m excited about this series and it’s completely different from the other two, and set in the south! (And Egypt . . .)

And who knows I might post an excerpt from POTENTIAL (The Doll #1) at some point.

It’s amazing how much stuff I have to share when I really think about it, so much for being narrowminded and focusing on only one story.

Oh and I hope you enjoyed Vampire Chicken, that was fun for me.