Wordy Wednesday: Do what you do and do it well

It might be considered a miracle but I’ve stopped obsessing over my book series. I’ve been reading The Mortal Instruments, and it’s making me calm down. WHY!? Because it’s making me see that my book needs to be my book. It has to be about what it’s about, it has to have characters that are true to themselves, a plot that’s true to what I envision and it’s got to have rhythm and prose that makes sense to me.

Basically, it doesn’t matter that it’s high fantasy and that nobody is reading high fantasy anymore.

Cassandra Clare’s book is a lot like Buffy but the show is off the air? Does that make it less cool? Not really, and actually I quite enjoy the shmorgessboard of stuff she explores in her book, she paints a clear picture of the entire world, rather than having a world with ONLY werewolves, or ONLY faeries. Her books explore the world on a greater level, and she includes a lot of different otherworlds, like the Seelie Court and Idris.

In one of my inceptions I stripped down my series so that it was just the main characters and the main plot. I didn’t add all of these other perspectives from other characters, and in doing so I stunted the potential for the book. I have pages and pages of charts in my hand written notes about the four corners of the universe, the names of other realms, the names of characters, groups of villainous factions, etc. etc. Even some language type stuff and also some random stuff. I’ve got an entire series worth of interesting characters with interwoven stories and here I am stunting my book by trying to make it simpler, more narrowminded, etc. etc.

Thanks Cassandra for making me see that in all honesty, a book just has to be a book, it has to do what it does and it has to do it well.

Taking all that stuff away and trying to turn my book into something it’s not, just wasn’t helping.

I’m glad that I finally found the right books to make me see that.

Ha, also explains why COFA almost jumped off the shelf at wal-mart and tackled me. I sort of tripped into the shelf, which was one of those feature display shelves and the book sort of fell off the shelf at my feet and I picked it up and put it back, thinking, “Bad book! I have to start from the beginning!” and then book was all shiny and like, “No, you have to read this one first, THEN the others.” and so I sort of stared at it like I was in some vampire trance, and then picked it up and bought it.

Anyway . . . that’s really not the weirdest thing to happen to me all month . . . I promise.

And for you book lovers out there, take a look at what genre you book is and forget trying to be like every other book out there. Just write your book the way you want to write it and don’t skimp on the information even if you think it makes you book cliche and unoriginal. Believe me, it WON’T be unoriginal at all.


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  • DMB says:

    Ha. The same trance like experience has overcome me at the public library. "No, you have to read this one first, THEN the others." I get it!

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