Who’s dumb idea was it to call them flames?

I realize that there’s nothing written about the flames in fantasy fiction. I know there’s been fantasy fiction written about just about every other metaphysical or mythical creature in the book (I own the book by the way, a link to it exists here: The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures)

Flames are not in that book by the way. Salamanders are, and flames are sort of elementals but not exactly the same thing.

I could send you to a bunch of links to spiritual places that tell you about the only flame they write about ANYWHERE, but because the references all say the same thing I shall paraphrase.

The Violet Flame (on the right) is the only flame that exists according to the smart people who meditate in the eastern part of the world. Admittedly there is not much of a “history” written about the Violet Flame, but there’s a lot on what it does and how to make it work for you.

Notice how I’m saying IT a lot. Not she, or he, or them, but IT. This seems to imply that it’s a thing and not an actual being. That it doesn’t have consciousness. That is is not alive. Which leads me to a lot of conundrums on how you can invoke something that isn’t alive. *shakes head* Can I get a fact checker please?

The Violet Flame can erase or remove karma, transmute energy from negative to positive, and vice versa, as well as heal people and help them ascend, transform, or discover themselves.

It sounds like a superhero already! Or a really good character for a fantasy heroine, whichever works.

Except now we get into the REAL references. These are a lot more dreary than I thought they would be but here they are.

The Violet Flame has been seen with 3 different people in history. St. Germaine is the famous one. Then there’s archangel Zadkiel and Kwan Yin (who was thought to be incarnated as a mortal girl named Miao Shan, seen on the left.)

Not much is known about the Violet Flame’s time with St. Germaine. References say he used it for healing, and carried it with him in a lantern.

With Kwan Yin (seen on the right) it was also about healing and benevolence. In the life of Miao Shan she refuses to take a husband and because of her defiance her father locks her in a tower and then tries to execute her. She’s rescused by a tiger and taken into the mountains. Later, when her father is on his death bed, Miao Shan lends him her eyes and her arms, in which I interpreted that as her psychic ability and her healing ability in order to save him.

The references to Kwan Yin show that she was the first to create the mantras to the Violet Flame so that the healing and transmutation and erasing karma could take place. It was said she had a connection to the Violet Flame.

So there you have it, the Flames are based on an esoteric energy who may or may not be a living thing. I still thought it was a pretty good basis for a fantasy series.

Since, you have to admit, nobody has ever written about the flames before, and they are pretty mysterious. Sometimes I prefer to think that they’re still in hiding, and that’s why the references are scarce.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that one. What do you think the deal with these flames are?


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  • Anonymous says:

    Not Anonymous…. I&#39;m Sebb.<br /><br />Truth is hidden in plain site.<br />Just run in to your site looking for the violet flame , yeeeep that&#39;s me i look for it on the net. It does for all that is portrayed in mith by old storytellers, transmutation, opening of the heart and assist the fragmented personality to unify. <br />i am personally aware of the orange/yellow flame, that will

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