What about the library?

Do you go there anymore?

I haven’t been there in a long time. I tend to get my books online and at value villages and safeways and super stores and kindle and chapters and airport kiosks.

Basically, if a store sells books, I have trouble not buying one.

I don’t have a problem with libraries. I generally like them. In fact, I sent out copies of my book to a bunch of them in Canada and the US. So if you happen to live in the following cities your local library has a copy of Flame of Surrender.

In Canada:
St. John’s

In the US:
New York
Portland (ME)
St. Louis

How about you? When was the last time you got a book from the library?

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      • Nicola (pocketfullofbooks) says:

        I love my local library! The librarians are really nice. They never have the books I'm looking for but they always order them for me. I prefer owning books but I don't mind saving money either. 😉

      • ~Sara @ Just Another Story says:

        I use the library all the time. I love buying books but I only want to own the ones that I have really enjoyed. Most of what I have wanted to read the library generally has it in stock. I tend to lean very heavily on the library.

      • Bekka says:

        My local library has an awesome YA and MG section. They always have the newest releases. I go there all the time. I just went there earlier this week in fact, and we got two movies and a book. (Usually I get about ten books but now that I've started receiving review copies, it's hard to find the time to read for pleasure.)

      • JenniferK says:

        I just went to the library this morning and I usually go to the library quite a bit. Since my husband lost his job and we are trying to bounce back from that, I can't afford to buy books like I used to. The library is great and I can usually find a lot of the new releases that everyone is talking about.

      • Ashley @ Book Labyrinth says:

        I definitely use the library all the time, and I'm lucky to live in a city that has an awesome library system. I basically don't buy books (except inexpensive eBooks) unless I've already read the book for review for from the library and loved it. The library saves me tonnnnnns of money, both on books and checking out DVDs.

      • RhiannonPaille says:

        I might need to go back to the library! I wasn't aware that they had DVD's. I'll likely need to get another card, but that should be easy.

      • Trish says:

        they have CDS too! you can borrow and then burn them right into your itunes or whatever you use.<br /><br />I do the same with the audiobooks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Libraries are awesome! They also offer ebooks and other media online. Check it out!

      • KellyHitchcock says:

        I volunteer at mine a couple hours a week. It&#39;s a great way to get in good with people who can help your books succeed. I was shy to tell them that I was an author, but they were very welcoming and are always looking to support local authors. And I can never leave a shift without taking something home, it&#39;s just not possible.

      • Christopher Govina says:

        I love my Library. Personally for reading right now, I would rather borrow than buy for moneys sake. Of course I am also using their computers and internet, so I&#39;m a bit biased. Maybe I&#39;ll buy a book after I have read it and want my own copy, but I would hate to buy a book and then find out I hated the book.

      • Trish says:

        my library is being renovated…so now it&#39;s just a metal frame of what is use to be. but i use to spend HOURS in the library. Smelling and touching all the books – ahhh. memories :)<br /><br />I did tho, just figure out how to borrow books from the e-library so that&#39;s a good — but not the same. my kindle doesn&#39;t have that good book smell.

      • RhiannonPaille says:

        Aw, I love how libraries smell! You&#39;re right, kindle does not smell like books. :(

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