Waiting on Wednesday: Sharyn November and Crescendo

Well the first thing I’m waiting on wednesday for is noon. I need to phone some people in LA and I don’t want to call them at 8am or 9am by accident.

Secondly, I am finding myself waiting on Becca Fitzpatrick’s Crescendo.

I got started on the firsts of a few series last year and I waited patiently for new books to come out.

Crescendo has been a very long wait as I picked up Hush Hush on a whim from the local Safeway and read it rather quickly last November or December. Back then the release date was March, and then it was changed to October. I imagine it should be coming out soon, but I checked yesterday at the McNally Robinson Independent Booksellers in Winnipeg and was told “Anytime now!” to which I replied: *facefall* *sadpout* and *mopeaway*

The other thing I’m waiting on is shameless yet again. I promised the group that did the photography shoot for the flames, the fan club people that for working on the project they’d each get a vanity publishing version of the book. It was the least I could do for them. So I finally got all the edited photos the other day, made up a collage for the back page, got the higher resolution version of the mock cover I posted recently and ordered copies for everyone i the group.

There are only enough for everyone in the group from that day, but I hope at least that they enjoy the keepsake.

Other things I’m waiting on: Sharyn November.

My hopes are not up for this. I stopped waiting last week when there was still no phone call, but on friday, the representative from the conference said she spoke with Sharyn and that Sharyn said she would get the critiques done over the weekend and will call us this week. It’s hump day as we say here in Winnipeg and no phone call yet. There were 4 of us getting critiques (and acting like we had won the book lottery, which we did) and so far today my friend and book partner in crime is not online. Which means I hope she got the call and is currently at home crying about what was said (both good and bad stuff!)

I’ve also thought about everything that could be said about my work, and well I am just lost on what to say or not say, and everything that was in my head to ask her has gone right out the window. If anyone has a blog post on what to ask during a critique, I need to be pointed in that direction!

And that is it for my waiting on Wednesday post! Off to read some more of yours!