Waiting on Wednesday (3) : Forever, Maggie Steifvater

I miss Sam.

I’ve recently been reading some interesting Ebooks, which are yes, good, but I still like to have a book in my physical hands to entertain me to no end.

And hence, I miss Sam.

Maggie Steifvater’s Linger might not have been my favourite book in the world, but then I might attest that to being on way too many painkillers because of a wisdom tooth when I read the book. (Seriously, 13 advil in one day is not recommended.)

But I still love Sam and often find myself reading Shiver over and over again to relive all the goodness that is Sam and Grace. Nobody has really created such a beautiful and sad world at the same time and I’m really looking forward to Forever.

I’m looking forward to it because after Linger there has to be something better coming. I wasn’t a fan of how Linger ended. Not a fan of what Grace’s Dad did to Sam (sorry spoiler) and I’m not happy with the most awkward turn of events that happened in the series.

But I do read Maggie’s blog, and I love the song she chose for when she threw out the manuscript for Forever right before the deadline. I don’t know if she went back to it, or if she rewrote the whole thing in a few weeks, but I’m poised, ready and waiting for this one to be better, amazing, the best in the trilogy.

And then I’ll be sad it’s over. And I’m sure like me Maggie has had the book mourning period. Because it’s hard to let the characters go at the end of the day. Sometimes in telling a full story you want there to be more to tell, and there just isn’t. And that makes it sad because it’s like a break up. You don’t get to go back and live in Sam’s world anymore, you have to let go, or reread what was previously written just to get caught up in it all again.

So that is what I am waiting on this Wednesday. There are other good books out there I’m sure, but sometimes I like to find a book I can curl up and fall into.

That being said, I actually told someone the other day that when I was done reading his book I would need to bathe in Shiver. He asked me what Shiver was, and I had one of those teenager UGH moments.

Seriously, UGH, how could anyone not know about Shiver and it’s awesomeness?

Maggie (and Ed) you are my hero. Don’t stop writing, please come out with Secret Novel soon, and let it be the same goodness that came with Sam.

Because I really don’t want to miss him Forever.



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