Vanity, Sex, Attitude, Action and Love?

Is it just me or do most characters in YA books not fall in love anymore?

I don’t mean the cheesy or infatuated, #omghessohoticandie kind of love, but the real love, the true love?

I’m just missing it lately. I’ve read a lot of YA books and most of them involve the same thing. Hot guy that’s completely untouchable, girl who thinks she’s not the popular girl, and bam, they fall into this perpetual almost love mixed with action and falling down rabbit holes. That’s the cliche stereotype of course because more often than not the story line itself has some twists and turns like sometimes the characters that fall for each other are brother and sister, or sometimes they’re a guardian angel and not supposed to or sometimes they’re an ice prince or what not, but still.

Female characters get turned on by male characters, and vice versa but the love isn’t there.

The illusion of love is there, the “I got you into this crazy mess and then fought against the bad guys for you and now we’re together” is there, but that’s not all there is to love. It’s not all about dashing men sweeping in and not only causing the female lead to get into danger but then also saving her from said danger.

There’s also more to love than washboard, perfect bronze hair and chiseled lips. Most of the boys are like greek gods (sometimes literally, Starcrossed, Josephine Angelini) that come with these amazing unrealistic body types and then equally unrealistic personalities. The idea of having a regular guy in a book doesn’t seem to appeal to anyone anymore.

And then the idea of having a normal romance where the characters fall in love with each other because of their personalities is also lost. Most books deal with taboo romances or unrealistic romances or even dysfunctional romances that never last.

And yet, somewhere in between all the conflict the characters go through, not only the paranormal elements but the relationship elements, the reader is supposed to believe they love each other.

And that’s where I think the love has gone missing. We’re so wrapped up in the vanity, the sex, the attitude, and the action that the love aspect is lost.

Completely unrelated, I just started thinking about this today while editing Flame of Justice, the second book in the Ferryman and the Flame series. I can’t tell you much about this book because it’s not out yet, but I can tell you this: Krishani loves Kaliel with everything in him.

And it’s been really really difficult for me to edit because I keep crying.

Anyway, what do you think about the lack of real love in YA?

Is it really just me?

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  • Yto says:

    i don&#39;t like it too. i miss the development of a relationship. they are just in love and the reader thinks &quot;wait, what? how did that happen? you know him just for 5 seconds&quot;<br />you can&#39;t love someone after only seeing him for the first time. love develops and isn&#39;t just there – well that&#39;s just my opinion. i really want to read a well developed romance in a book again.

  • The Phantom Hack says:

    Robert J. Sawyer&#39;s recent trilogy Wake, Watch and Wonder featured central roles of young people, and the relationship between the female lead and her love interest was very well done. In that instance, the female lead was blind and recently granted sight by means of technology and she fell in love with a young man who was pretty much NOT eye candy in any way, shape or form, but he was

  • Kate says:

    I&#39;ve definitely seen plenty of what you&#39;re talking about here, and it&#39;s sad, because love (to me) is way more fun to read about than sex. Fortunately there are some good ones out there – Sam and Grace from Maggie Stiefvater&#39;s Shiver and Kate and Curran in Ilona Andrews&#39; Kate Daniels are wonderful couples.<br /><br />**wishes for Kaliel and Krishani to live happily ever after**

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