UtopYA, UtopYA, UtopYA

O Hai!

So UtopYA happened this past weekend and you had to be there to understand all the awesomeness that is this convention. There are really no words in the English language to describe the people, energy, conversations, everything. There’s just no way to explain it, it’s like one of those really awesome inside jokes that only you and three hundred people understand. 
I couldn’t go anywhere without running into authors and bloggers I knew on facebook. I couldn’t go anywhere without people fangirling over my books or telling me they read my books or telling me they thought I was awesome or my booth was awesome, or I was awesome, or my ebook cards were a really nifty idea, and on and on and on.
Some stand out moments:
That awkward moment during set up where I walked in for the first time and the first person I saw was Regina Wamba. That was nice because I literally had not met anyone else but her before that.
That awesome moment I came to get my badge and Susan Taylor (one of the volunteers) told me I was famous because she read my books. 
That amazeballs time Chelsea Freaking Fine (that’s your name now honey) showed up at my table to say she thought my covers were amazing, she sees my stuff online all the time and we need to catch up soon.
That time Tabatha Vargo found my table and I almost smacked into the big pillar beside my table in a mad dash to hug her. 
When Arielle Caldwell wanted to trade for books.
When Lori Parker of Contagious Reads decided to graciously ship my books to a winner for me (I’m paying you back!)
When Alexia Purdy agreed to ship more of my books to more of my winners. (I’m paying you back too!)
When Janet Wallace called out my name at closing ceremonies. AND she called me Rhi Pie, which is really a thing now . . . 
When someone who’s name I cannot remember for the life of me actually pronounced my name right!
When I got selfies with Cambria Hebert, Adam Kunz, Tiffany King, Melissa Andrea, Chelsea Fine, Laura Howard . . . 
When other people asked to take pics with me.
When Jamie Magee and Chancey Pickard kidnapped me for lunch.
Talking to Tara Brown who is basically the goddess of book sales.
Watching Straight No Chaser on twitter with Tara’s husband creature Nick. (I’m not referring to him the way Heather Daniels referred to him . . .)
Pool time with Frankie Rose, Chelsea Starling and Collin Patrick.
Meeting Jessica Sorensen (no I didn’t fangirl AT ALL pffftt!) 
And last but not least – Amy Evans, because she gets it.
OH and if you were at closing ceremonies . . . it was SUPER terrifying to get up there and talk and I <3 those of you that talked to me after the fact because I basically forgot to explain the WHOLE thing. 
Carol Kunz, you are the best hugger ever.

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