Unintentional Fantasy Casting: Krishani

You know the entire time I was watching the Avengers all I could think was “Oh Loki, why do you have to look exactly like Krishani? Except for the mismatched eye thing and the clothes?”

If you haven’t seen the Avengers yet, go see it, the scene where Loki is walking down the stairs in a suit and jacket is probably the closest to what I envision Krishani to look like, only Krishani would be in medieval clothing, nothing green and he wouldn’t look half as maniacal as Loki did in the movie. The hair, the bright eyes, the facial structure, that’s entirely Krishani.

And so was it wrong that I kept rooting for him? And was kinda attracted? And kept thinking “Hmm if Kaliel were there maybe he’d stop trying to destroy the world. Ha, but then, if Kaliel were there, she’d supernova and kill everyone. Never mind, carry on Loki, I think the Avengers can handle a portal to an alien world better than Kaliel on a bad day.”

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