Tour Report #2: Hipsters, Kevin and Target Audiences

Hey Everyone!

I’m in Vancouver now and the only thing Sam had to say about it is that it’s slanted and wet. I care to agree, our flight last night got in around 11:30pm and then we waited for luggage. I started explaining my book to her scene by scene and um, she couldn’t stop laughing.

We were the only ones laughing. Everyone else was stoically waiting for their bags. They came at midnight, and then we went to get our car, which we have affectionately named Hung Key (pronounced Hung Gee) Found our hotel, fell asleep around 3am.

Honestly could not stop laughing.

Since I last blogged, we’ve only had one event. It was in Calgary. And here’s a few fun facts about this show.

1. The manager we dealt with was a guy.
2. He was the only one that managed to order books through their computer system. Every other store asked me to bring stock.
3. His name was Kevin. Sam was really excited to meet him. So excited that she had to name someone else Kevin in Edmonton just to stave off the excitement.
4. Kevin was awesome, he had the books in for a week and had a neat little display set up.
5. He also forbid his staff from buying the book until the day of the event.
6. We had a lot of people wanting the book.
7. The staff bought the book on their kobo.

And that was the beginning of our Calgary event. We arrived at Chinook Centre at 2pm or something, set up at 3pm and was signing books by 4pm. We were going to leave early but this awesome girl named Kai showed up with the boy from Brandon and they were pretty much our brand of geek/nerd and so we stayed there talking to them and Tinayah, another staff member who wanted a book, until the bitter end.

And then we booked it to the airport, got lost, and found our way anyway.

There were honestly too many highlights in Calgary to even begin listing them off, but I’m going to try. First, there was James who asked if we were his target audience and we told him that after Regina, we threw “target audience” in the garbage. I’ve had old couples buy my book, I’ve had skater punks buy my book, I had a guy from Jamaica who spoke only a little english buy my book. I’ve had a lot of dads buying for their daughters, I’ve had guys buying for their wives or girlfriends (valentine’s day you know.) and I’ve had pre teen girls buying it because they thought it was cool.

Target audience? Um, THROW IT AWAY and sell a book.

Then there was another guy and his girlfriend who thought what I had done was a major accomplishment. I got published! Yay me! And then he gave me some advice and walked away. :( Sad Panda.

I think it was all redeemed by Colleen and the slew of people who kept telling me that this was “kinda cool” and that they could get into this kind of book. There was also the girl that was into Vampires, but then, I had to confess that I’m really into the Vampire Diaries right now. I don’t write about Vampires, but I don’t hate them.

And then Ayla. She was the staff member that bought the book and was 10 chapters into it already. ALL the staff were interested in my book because of the lack of a synopsis in their system. (Sidenote: AP, CAN YOU FIX THAT?) And so some of them downloaded it. Yay! She also gave me the biggest compliment I’ve had so far on the tour. I’ll try to quote her but honestly my brain isn’t working right now.

Ayla: “You know how you’re kind of Indie because you’re with a small publisher?”
Me: Yeah???
Ayla: “Well some other books come out in hardcover, and your book is better. You should have been picked up by HarlequinTeen or SimonTeen or HarperTeen or something. I mean the quality of YOUR writing is right up there with all those books, and actually your book is better.”

That’s pretty much all I’ve ever wanted to hear.

I rest my case.

Time to go find lunch in Vancouver, I’m hungry like wow!