Tour Report #1: Deadly, Avoidance and Accidental Fangirls

Hello from Edmonton!

I had this idea that I would blog everyday on the book tour, and well what you plan is never what happens right?

On Friday I planned to drive all night and my van, nicknamed “Serena” for various reasons (Gossip Girl and Sailor Moon) decided it didn’t have enough gas to get us to Regina. The gas stations also decided to close at midnight. So we ended up in Broadview, at a tiny motel called “The Sleepy Inn” right beside the closed gas station. Beautiful. I actually woke the owner up when we rolled in at 2am. And he booked my room with his eyes closed.

But maybe we need to back up to the beginning. Friday was our first event in Winnipeg. By our I mean me and Sam. I wrote the book, she’s on the cover, she cosplays the main character Kaliel, she also was instrumental in making the trailers happen. We make a good team along with Ted, TJ, TJ, Ayla, Jello, Ray and Michael.

Winnipeg started off with a bang.

Melanie over there was the first person to get the book! So she really kicked off the tour! And then people just kept coming by, checking it out, asking questions. Some people just showed up and said, “Yeah I’m getting a book.” And then there was our accidental fan girl. She was browsing with her mom, came over and asked me about the book. Everything I said, or Sam said, made her respond with, “That sounds horrible.” Then she picked it up and said she wanted it anyway, for her sister, but she’ll read it first. She went up to pay for it, came back and said, “I’m so starstruck! You’re the coolest person I’ve ever met.”

She won fan of the day.

Other highlights included my mommy buying a book, and Camilla, the manager at the Chapters – St. Vital telling me that we had the best table display she’s ever seen for an author. Awesome.

So we drove, got stuck, filled up in the morning, drove into Regina, checked into the hotel early. Got to the Regina event to find theatre style seating and a podium. Sam and I were like, “huh?” We just needed a table, we’ll do everything there, show the trailer, do the Q&A, all of that. And we did.

First person to pick up the book in Regina was a guy named Shayne. He said it sounded “deadly” and instead of good luck he said, “I hope it blows up.” Well I can tell you that some things do blow up in the book, but I get what you mean Shayne. Thanks for making our day a little brighter.

In Regina we sold to teenyboppers, parents for their teenyboppers, guys in their 20’s, and a jamaican guy, I think. It was a lot of fun talking to people and getting them interested in the book. We came up with a new tagline: No Vampires, I promise.

The day ended with Original Joes which is now my new favorite restaurant, great food, awesome staff, and it didn’t take forever. We stayed in Regina and had internet that was more of an idea than an actuality.

In the morning we left for Saskatoon, which by far has been the um, I don’t even know what to say about Saskatoon right now. Here’s Sam at the table.

I think the best things about Saskatoon were Jeff, Kattie, Adrien and Mikaela, our event coordinator. She got us starbucks. And then we hung out but everyone who came into the bookstore dodged us. Barely anyone asked us about the book, and almost everyone was wearing yoga pants. We were postering for an event my husband runs in Winnipeg so we stopped off at Amazing Stories and I talked to the owner, who I know from the Comic Con in Winnipeg. He took some books to sell in his store. Then we went down to 8th Street Books and Comics where Kattie bought a book. Yeah she was working there, but she wanted the book.

And then the weirdest thing to happen was Adrien. He’s been a client of mine for psychic readings for two or three years now. I meant to tell him about the event but I forgot his username and I hadn’t read for him in months. Yesterday, out of the blue, he messages me on LP. I happened to check it on my phone and all I could say was, OMG I’M IN YOUR CITY RIGHT NOW, AT THE INDIGO ON 8TH. I waited. We waited and waited, and a couple of people got books in the meantime. Then we packed it up, thinking he wasn’t coming, and were literally on our way out the door when he walks in and says “Hey I’m Adrien!”

I had an entourage around me waiting to get out of there but I put my stuff down, hugged him, we chatted a bit, I opened boxes, gave him a book, a poster, said this is my new thing, signed stuff, etc. etc. And then yeah said I had to leave. *sigh* We had a long drive to Edmonton and literally did not get to Edmonton until 11pm. So it was good we left Saskatoon at 4:30 like planned.

And this is pretty much everything interesting that’s happened.

Will let you know what we end up doing in Edmonton!