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I have asked a few authors to weigh in on this one, and here’s what they had to say!

Beth Revis, NYT Bestselling Author of Across the Universe says, “If there were no books in the world, I would tell stories out loud. If I were not allowed to tell stories out loud, I would do it anyway and suffer the consequences. Because a world without stories isn’t worth living in.”

Thanks for your answer Beth!

Lauren Oliver, NYT Bestselling Author of Delirium says, “That is so terrible to even contemplate. Are there still stories? If people can still tell stories, I would spend a lot of time with my friends around a campfire, talking and talking, as they used to do during the era of the great epics.”

Thanks for your answer Lauren! Mine is below!

Mr. Molawny and the African Rainforest

I sat anxiously on the laminated floor of the gym. Four hundred and eighty six other kids were planted side by side in rows that followed the lines on the gym room floor. We created a square. Teachers squatted on benches around the edges of the gym and parents with babies in car seats or strollers were crowded into the crevasses. There were so many people gathered in the gym that even the door was plugged by a solid block of people.

And then Mr. Molawny stepped out of the Gym Teacher’s office, a rain stick in one hand, and maracas in the other. He strode confidently towards the giant empty square in the middle of the room. Behind him was his assistant. She was carrying a coat rack full of colorful animal masks. She set it down on the corner of the squares as Mr. Molawny began turning the rain stick back and forth in his hands. A hush fell over the noisy students and then he burst with his first words.

“Look! There!” he shouted. He pointed at the students but he wasn’t looking directly at them. His other hand held a hat on his head that wasn’t there a second ago. I watched with idle fascination as Mr. Molawny took us into the African rain forest with his words. Suddenly we weren’t in a gym anymore. We were covered by thick vines and broad leafed plants. We were sweating so much even our toes were soaked. Squish, squish, squish, we crept through the jungle. We met a snake and it hissed in my ear. I jumped, startled, and noticed that the girl next to me jumped too. We met all sorts of animals, monkeys, parrots, butterflies and lemurs. We avoided the hornets’ nest by being very quiet, and we escaped from the cheetah by running really fast, stomping our runners on the floor. We huddled together and hid out from the storm, our hands clapping against our thighs, lightning crackling above us.

And then we came back to the gym. Mr. Molawny’s story was over. We clapped and cheered, I fidgeted in my seat wanting to jump to my feet to cheer him on. He calmed us down with his soft, melodic voice that changed accents with the voice of each character he brought to life. And when we were quiet, he asked us if we wanted him to tell us another story.

We all said yes because even though we lived in a world without books, we didn’t live in a world without stories and we wanted Mr. Molawny to take us on another adventure.

This time to someplace different, like a pirate ship.


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