#TopTenTuesday 10 things I don’t hate about Justin Bieber

I think I’m a true belieber.

And so here are 10 things I don’t hate about Justin Bieber.

#10 – His Dad is from Winnipeg. Like any true Winnipegger, anyone that has any connection to my hometown is good in my books.

#9 – He’s a kid with a ton of attention. That could go wrong, but from what I’ve heard on the radio, he keeps in regular contact with his friends and stays grounded.

#8 – Usher. I really don’t need to say more, I’m a huge Usher fan.

#7 – How he deals with the media. I’ve seen both good articles, bad articles and even some smut articles on him. Thing is, he doesn’t play to the media circus. He stands for the truth and generally the media focuses on the good things he’s done.

#6 – His message. He’s always telling people to go for their dreams, and to ahem, “never say never.”

#5 – His humility. Justin doesn’t try to steal the spotlight, it finds him. Most of the time he’s working, or doing nice stuff for people, like buying cars for best friends, or playing sports.

#4 – Stage Presence. You can’t deny that when he’s on stage, it’s kind of amazing. He really owns the stage like he belongs there.

#3 – Fan Nicknames. The first time I heard the term “Belieber” was on the radio and my first thought was “wow cool play on words.” I always love a good clever nickname. (I also like J. Lo for instance)

#2 – The Loyal Fans. You have to be the coolest person in the world if you have the biggest fan base in the world. It’s no secret that the fans got Justin to where he is. Usher did the grunt work, but it was all about the fans. If everyone was as passionate as Beiber fans about anything, what a great world this would be. Honestly, it’s hard to find enthusiasm like that anymore.

#1 – The Music. I had no idea who he was back in 2009 when everyone was squeeing over him, but I liked his music. I have a few of his songs on my ipod because I like the upbeat tempo and the smooth vocals. My favorite Bieber song is Somebody to Love.

Thanks for stopping by today, and um, hope you’re a true belieber too. I need to dedicate this post to Shelly, another true Belieber down south! (Haha, mostly because she told me this was a good idea.)


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  • Coffee Lovin' Mom says:

    As much as I am trying to keep my home Beiber-free, you do make valid points<br />..I..still..must..resist..<br />(even though I have the baby song stuck in my head from my daughter&#39;s toothbrush this morning)

  • Lisa says:

    I have to admit I&#39;m a Bieber fan. I have all his songs on my ipod and I love running to them. They are just light, fun songs that make you feel good.

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