Therapy Thursday: Where is a Shadowhunter when you REALLY need one?

Good afternoon,

On January 18th, 2010 I received an e-mail from a woman named Grace on LivePerson. She was pleading with me to help her, because she thought there was something fundamentally wrong with her, as though she had been possessed by something and couldn’t free herself.

Truth be told, I usually send the crazies away from me thinking that there’s no way I can help them because they’re not possessed, they’re just bonkers. USUALLY that is the case.

The thing is, I felt something with Grace’s message and more than anything I thought I might be able to help her. So I responded, I had a list of questions for her, and a bit of a plan forming in my head. I could see pretty clearly that something was wrong and that this woman wasn’t full of it. There was something in the way she described it that let me know it was the real deal.

After that first communication she responded, and I tapped into her and provided her with my assessment of what went on. She had walked me through the factual information, where she went, what she was looking for, who she had been with, who seemed off, etc. etc. I went through the energy the best I could and picked it all apart. Sure enough, she was hosting something inside of her that was nasty and black and sort of stuck to all her chakras and her energetic body. It was suffocating her soul.

Thankfully her soul was still there, you never know with these things, the other guy that had been infected completely lost his soul to the demon.

Regardless I gave her a weekly price and began working on the problems, slowly releasing things, making her more comfortable, etc. etc. I estimated it would take me 7 weeks to get rid of the thing, and sure enough the closer we came to the deadline, the more intense our sessions became. I had her perform a ritual and we tried to lock the demon in a canister, and subsequently bury the canister in the earth.

I was rather disappointed when it didn’t work, when it didn’t leave, but then I found out why. It had to do with someone who called himself a friend who was really a backwards person from the beginning. She had met him eleven years prior and gotten into a sick and twisted relationship of manipulation and control. I know it sounds horrible but she also loved him, so I couldn’t say anything about what I picked up off him, which was NOT good at all. She had been in a relationship with him (on and off on the sexual side of things) for eleven years. He was a spiritual leader, he lead meditation retreats and went around promising people enlightenment and ascension. (I wish I could call him a demon too but he isn’t, just really stupid.)

I didn’t really care at that point and I point blank told Grace that her friend was the reason the demon didn’t vacate her body when she did the ritual. I told her to go home to her family, to leave where she was immediately. She did. In retrospect, if I hadn’t told her to go, her friend would have killed her. I sensed it, and months later he admitted it by threatening her. I can’t say that was fantastic.

When she was back home she also met up with her childhood boyfriend, someone who had known her for years, someone who had come to visit her, someone her soul was desperately trying to get back to but with the demon possessing her it was impossible for them to have a life together.

She went back to him to find some normalcy and I told her she had to get back to work, back to school, back to something in the real world. Her friend followed her to the country she was in and tried to continue manipulating her. In retrospect, I let it go on too long before finally telling her to cut off with him for good, but I was trying to be nice. When she finally told him that their friendship was over, he went ballistic, told all his other students about her, told her she was evil, screamed at her, told her parents, told everyone he could. He went so insane he sent me a message on Live Person and told me I shouldn’t mess in people’s lives, namely his I suppose.

He had too many problems of his own to even begin going into them, he was affected by the demon too, the demon being one of those contagious things, latches to one person and then infects others through a chain reaction. It’s never as strong in its second and third inceptions, but it still affects the host. Grace was a second, not the original, so that helped a lot in exorcising it from her.

With her friend out of the picture, things began to get back to normal. She went back to school, and got closer to her boyfriend, she still worked, but there were still small problems. I was still dealing with remnants of the demon, for all I knew when she traveled, she left some of it in the other house, and so I didn’t detect it as strongly when she was in her home country. We continued cleansing techniques and rituals, but I was feeling like there was less and less I could do. The sheer amount of brainwashing and manipulation she had suffered in eleven years from this friend was astonishing. The more we worked together, the more she could see how it all happened, how she went from being a lawyer to a woman incapable of doing anything. I saw pictures of her too, sallow skin, disheveled hair, uncertainty in her eyes, like they weren’t only her eyes. It was tough to see.

Still, she wanted us to go to her home country and we couldn’t, so we asked that she and her boyfriend come here to see us in Canada. They came in January, and that was when I got to see first hand how it affected her. I used some of my home grown tools, like an orb of jet and a couple other rare crystals to try to cleanse it. I took her on a guided meditation while we were staying in a cabin together in the Canadian wilderness. It was weird to see how her jaw reacted, how her stomach fluttered, how I could see it there, or a part of it under her skin, like crawling across it.

Can’t say that was the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.

I did what I could, but she left, and left part of it with me. It stayed dormant in me for a few weeks and I told her me and her needed to cut off for six weeks. We did and in that time I began to get a bit more affected by this demon thing.

At least I knew it wasn’t in her anymore, but she was still in her home country dealing with echoes of it, seeing it everything, it hadn’t quite worn off yet.

In March I did something that awakened it in me, and that started the battle all over again. I’m not a fan of being a guinea pig and putting myself through the same rituals I had to put my client through but I knew how to kill this thing, and so that’s what my plan was, get it out of me, force it out.

I almost passed out in the process of that, but I got rid of it.

In the future, I have a note to myself not to actually ingest the demons I fight. It was scary being nearly helpless.

After that I told my client she needed to cut off from everyone for two weeks herself, so she could stop seeing these echoes of the past. I know her mind is fragile but it was all becoming too much for her, and I knew that since I had defeated the demon on my end that anyone the demon touched, the line would sort of go dead over time. That’s also how the contagious demons works, it you cut it off at the source, it dies off in all of the others it’s infected.

Yeah we did talk a lot about finding the original host and killing him, that would have worked from the beginning, but uh . . . where is a Shadowhunter when you REALLY need one?

The two weeks away worked, though it was tough on Grace. She e-mailed me like fifty times asking if she could go back yet, and I kept saying no. It was weird because the place I had marked as a bad place for her to be earlier on in our discussions became the place of refuge. It’s always nice to know that energy wears off a place in time if you leave it alone. Like natural earth cleansing for domiciles. Also good to know this wasn’t like a house possessing demon.

And who knows, she might be able to go back to her house in the other country and get her things back, not that she really wants them since they were tainted so badly from her friend.

Anyway, she went back on Tuesday night to her home and everything is different now. It feels like we fought a war and won. I guess in some ways we did. I gave a woman her life back, gave her parents their daughter back, gave her boyfriend his soulmate and killed a demon.

Who says being a psychic isn’t interesting?



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