THERAPY: Carry on, psycho clown on the loose . . .

Client: I officially had the most psycho day of my life. You know how I told you how we fired our local clown? He came back to the agency to hunt us down!!! I had to work from a local restaurant for 3 hours while they straightened that shit out. And yes, that is a true story, and YES, that IS MY LIFE. Seriously??? s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y!! They gave me a thing of mace to keep with me at all times and told me to carry on. Carry on….NO PROBLEM….there’s just a psycho clown on the loose.

Me: I’m laughing so hard I’m going to fall on the floor. You don’t want me to read HIS mind do you?

Client: NO! But I really want to quit my job!


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  • My anxious life says:

    I worked at McDonalds for many years… so this picture is hilarious! In fact.. I am going to post it on facebook for all my old Mcdonald&#39;s co-workers. <br /><br />Angie

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