The Wondrous Wonders of Wondrous Strange

Let me begin by saying that “You’re a faerie princess”, worked in for Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries, but it was probably the biggest drawback of Wondrous Strange.

The rest of the book had me mesmerized from the beginning. It included the very real references to the faerie otherworld, included a lot of historical and mythological info that felt like home for me.

I found myself constantly wishing Sonny would do things he didn’t do until later in the book and was satisfied when he finally kissed Kelley. I hate waiting for the first kisses between characters, but I realize this isn’t a love story.

I enjoyed the fact that Lesley Livingston included A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and some humor involving a horse and a roommate. What I also loved was Puck. I have a soft spot for stories that have Puck in them, I really think he should be featured in fiction more often.

Also, I spent a lot of my time drawing parallels between my own writing style and my characters and hers. My “otherworldly” realm is a bit more disguised, but essentially, Lesley is writing about magickal places, and so do I, so I’m feeling a psuedo sense of kinship with her. It might also have something to do with our Canadianness. Can’t deny that I have a soft spot for those canadian writers.

Okay so here’s the breakdown of this book:

– Puck is in the flesh and he plays himself, which is fitting really.
– Kelley is a fantastic heroine whose only flaw is not believing she’s a faerie princess sooner. I mean really? She never took off the locket once to see her fairy wings in a mirror? Even by accident?
– Sonny is a fighter, he’s magnificently dedicated to his duty, but he’s also smoldering in most of the scenes. From the moment he gives Kelley the rose, you really don’t see him as a normal human, he’s got an otherworldly quality about him that is yummy. He’s a lot like my character Krishani . . .
– The supporting roles were played out well and accurately, especially in the case of Auberon. It’s amusing to watch Lesley write about characters that I’m writing about, but giving different names to. :) Not to spoil it for anyone, but my book also has Puck, Oberon and Titania in them, plus quite a few others that Lesley didn’t mention. No Mabh though and I liked that addition, didn’t think to add her to mine, but I suppose she could also be termed the Morrigan in some other texts, anyway I disgress, good work on the kings and queens factors.
– Metaphysics seem to be in order, that was also happiness for me, she got plenty of things right, and what was slightly off was acceptable because she drew a lot from literature and less from personal experiences. It’s very clear in this book that Lesley has never been to the otherworlds, but she has been to Central Park!

The Baddies
– Um, someone had a brain malfunction in the middle of the plot. It’s an awfully large taboo to just go up to the character and tell them everything about themselves in one scene, and then to follow up that scene with an entire monologue from the aunt backing up everything the Handsome Stranger said. I’m not pointing a finger at Lesley for that one, because someone must have said SOMETHING about that . . . I just find it awkward and thought to mention it.
– Um . . . nope that’s all I got, one drawback in the whole book.

Go pick up Wondrous Strange, I’ll be reading through the sequel Darklight soon, and am anxiously awaiting Tempestuous due to be out early 2011!