The Relaunch Looms . . .

The relaunch is coming soon. I’m waiting on some fantastic art from a few good friends of mine, some of which I can share with you tonight. Hugh Rookwood of Chozen Studios has done a sketch of Pux. If you’re unfamiliar with Pux he’s Kaliel’s best friend, and a reader favorite. I’ve given him some of the best lines and best scenes ever for a secondary character. I’m proud to finally be able to show you what he looks like.

Soon I’ll be able to share with you what I’ve been working on with Primo Cardinalli, and Tommy Castillo and Marc Wolfe. I’m very excited about just how much is happening behind the scenes. Today I received two really awesome goodies, including this:

The Island of Avristar Map
(done by Christopher Boll)

I’ll keep you posted . . . Primo Cardinalli, Tommy Castillo and Marc Wolfe are the geniuses I’m still working with on more stuff . . . hope to be able to give you details soon!