The Philosopher’s Stone, EYVT and some other things

Welcome to Tuesday! Admittedly, I had nothing to post yesterday, and all of it would have been a bunch of depressive whining about writing and so I decided to save you all the trouble and wait until the anxiety passed.

I always have to have a mourning period after finishing a book, but it’s over and done with, onto better things!


I’m through the first book already and I thought I would post my review on it. I was pleasantly surprised by this first book. For one, it was short, which was actually something nice about it. I found J.K. Rowling’s british slang very comforting and authentic. I also loved her colloquiums, because she is very clever and funny! I also enjoyed the fact that there was a scene where Harry was left on the doorstep and then talk about the wizarding world celebrating the defeat of Voldemort. In any book it’s hard to balance the elements and J.K. has done a great job of bringing something wholly original to the table. I know it’s an older read for me, but it’s the beginning of the series and already we’re hearing about Bernie Botts and Quiditch, Daigon Alley, etc. etc. I especially like Hagrid’s role in this book.

While I’m still sorting out my rating system, I give this book a 5/5, nobody could have done it better, and it doesn’t read like the same claptrack stuff about witches and wizards that we’d seen in Hocus Pocus and such. Well done!

Expand Your Vocabulary Tuesday

I plan to continue doing this every tuesday, finding as many words as I can that are off the beaten path and shining that giant spotlight on them.

This week’s spotlight is on the following words (and I am reminded of Sesame Street)

Spry – nimble, agile, energetic

Nimble – um . . .

Alabaster – smooth and white

Albino – white, pale, (red or pink if it’s eyes)

Taut – tight

Knell – proclaim, summon, chime

Lament – cry, moan, deplore,

Bemoan – um . . . see above.

Laceration – cut, wound,

Last but not least:

Book Lovin Bitches EBook Tours:

There are a ton of books up for review with the book bitches, and you should go view them here, and let me know if you want to see my review specifically on any of those books. Go here now! Fade Into Fantasy

I will be reviewing a couple of books on that list thus far, and here are the pretty covers!

Review to be Posted: January 2011

Review to be Posted: March 2011
That’s it for today! I need to go figure out some t-shirt things for the Book Lovin Bitches, and then I need to continue reading!

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