The Official VULTURE Themesong

O Hai,

So this song . . . was on repeat more than any other song while I was writing VULTURE. For me it’s always about lyrics and in this song the chorus and the bridge hold a lot of meaning and relevance to the goings on in VULTURE.

If you’ve read SURRENDER and JUSTICE you know that VULTURE is the crescendo, all the little seeds I’ve planted have grown and if you thought the impossibilities Kaliel and Krishani faced in SURRENDER and JUSTICE were dire, just wait until VULTURE. Essentially VULTURE is the first of my two favorite books in this series, and I can’t wait for you all to read it and completely hate me afterwards.

AND a little note for those of you who have read SURRENDER, don’t forget to post a little REVIEW on Amazon for it, it really helps others find the books and I’m a sucker for five star raving reviews, I’m apt to post that shit all over my facebook waving my hands in the air like, “SOMEONE THINKS I DID GOOD!” That’s all that matters, doing good, being respected for the kinds of choices I had to make with this book.

I promise it’s worth it in the end. You won’t get an HEA until the sixth book CHAOS, but the emotional depth and the scary incredibly depressing places I will take you through the eyes of Kaliel and Krishani will make you think about how fragile life is. I know I told this story with all of the paranormal elements but I hope you see the emotional aspect, the struggle to be normal (and not paranormal) that the Kaliel and Krishani go through.

So without further adieu here is No Light No Light by Florence + The Machine

Cheers, Rhi