The interview with spoilers, and the tour!

Good evening!

If you’re looking for the other post, I’m sorry, I deleted it so I could add more oomph to this post.

C4 is over but I’m still on tour! Today I survived the Fairytale Nerd and tomorrow there’s more shenanigans going around the blogosphere.

Here’s where I’m going!

November 1st – JoAnne @ The Fairytale Nerd
                  2nd- Marissa @ Novels on the Run
                  3rd – Cherry @ Cherry Mischievous
                  3rd – Katie @ Curse of the Bibliophile
                  4th – Valerie @ Stuck In Books
                  5th – Rabiah @ Confessions of a Readaholic
                  6th – Wanda @ Books Are Magic
                  6th – Cassandra @ Book and Movie Dimension
                  7th – Rozhin @ Zone Out Mode
                  8th – Erika @ One A Day YA
                  9th – Vanessa @ Boekie’s Book Reviewer
                  10th – Gabbi @ The Book Breather
                  11th – Sally @ Bibrary Book Lust
                  11th – Aine @ House Millar Series
                  11th – Rebecca @ Everything To Do With Books
                  12th – Kellie @ ReaWrite
                  13th – Bonnie @ Hands and Home
                  14th – Bree @ The Magic Attic
                  14th – Gina @ Behind a Million and One Pages

Big thank you to Stormi who organized this tour while I was busy organizing other things. You can find her at Lightning Book Promotions!

Now, remember that interview I promised you? Here it is, with funky interview music. I didn’t pick the music, that’s all thanks to Kramer. All I did was write on the whiteboard. Can you guess what Angel was asking me?