The Cosplay Files #1

“I am not a pretty girl, that is not what I do.” – Ani DiFranco Except, as it turns out I CAN cosplay I just don’t do imitation characters very well. Therefore, this is a character of my own making.

I have no idea what to name the character, so it’s entirely open for discussion. Any ideas anyone? I really want to show you a close up of the top hat.

And I need to come up with some ideas of what to add to it if anything. I’m not a fan of carrying weapons, but maybe a cane or a staff of some sort? No wings, they’re too hard to put on a take off. But I am open for ideas. I could definitely add some long sleeve red or black gloves to this. Again, I am open to all options and ideas you have. Along with names for this character, give me names!

Stay warm everyone!

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