The Cool People Contest!!

Hello My Acorns!
(I know, I’m getting used to it too)
I’m introducing my second contest! This one has a lot more going on with it and so I’m hoping you’ll be on board for all the awesomeness that will be it.
First of all, it’s called The Cool People Contest because I am cool and I like meeting other people who are cool. (No seriously go read my comments, Owl has officially named me ‘cool’, I gotta use it!)
Current Gift Card Amount: $20.00
Potential Gift Card Amount: $100.00
(ooooh, see picture)
Every time I get 50 more followers, the prize goes up $5.00 more! (Maxing out at $100.00)
Contest Runs: January 6th – 31st
Winner Announced: February 6th

The Rules:
1) You MUST be Cool. (Seriously, no creepers . . . )
2) You MUST Follow me. (Sign up for gmail, it’s free!)
How to Enter:
(oh this is my favourite part!)
There are 3 ways to enter!
1) Comment on my blog (that = 1 entry)
2) Grab my button (that = 1 entry)
3) Blog about my contest (that = 1 entry)
If you do all three of the above I’ll give you an extra bonus entry.
All you must do is fill out the form below, click the box for what you did, and show me the website it’s on so I can check.

Last but not least:
The Cool Blogger Award!
This award will be given out by me to cool people who have done all three things on the list! Look for a comment from me bestowing said award upon you after you’ve filled out the form!
Happy Following!


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