The beginning of the end

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that come January it will be an entire year since I rewrote all of Surrender in less than 3 months. It’s also striking how I can look back at 2010 and see all of the editing, revising and even marketing and promoting I did for Surrender.

I thought it would be nice to chronicle what has happened to me in the past year for writing.

My Writing Year 2010:
January – Rewriting Surrender
February – Rewriting Surrender
March – Rewriting Surrender, Review completed by Jo S. Wun (4/5 Stars)
April – Corecon and Meeting Sue Dawe. I gave her a copy of Surrender in big book format.
May – More Surrender revisions. Plans made for a book trailer video.
June – Began Warrior (1st Draft). Book trailer titled “Journey to the Great Oak” shot on June 26th, 2010. Submitted Surrender to Tor. Queried about 30 literary agents. No bites.
July – Book Trailer is posted to You Tube. Continued writing Warrior.
August – Finished Chapter 7 of Warrior. Got a call about doing another TWTF Book Trailer.
September – Filmed TWTF Book Trailer on September 26th. Printed 10 ARC copies of Surrender for cast/crew of book trailer.
October – UND Conference. No Sharyn November, but I did learn a lot! Queried more and got some interest. No follow through. Central Canada Comic Con. Presented a mock copy of Surrender and my self published psychic development book Sanctuary of the Mind. Made connections to do a revision of Sanctuary of the Mind in 2011. Sue Dawe returned the book to me, and made me fanart for Surrender. The book trailer was played live at my table and later added to youtube. I did an interview with GEN network about my book.
November – I went to Vegas folks and I didn’t write much.
December – It’s not over until the fat lady sings, but I have spent it writing Warrior and have written over 50,000 words. The book is now 91,000 words with 7 chapters left to write.

This year has been a pseudo successful year for me. Finishing Surrender was a triumph in itself as it was a difficult book to write. I’m also lucky enough to have access to cosplayers, film students, professional photographers, and composers because it made the book trailer process go over so well.

I did not find a literary agent this year. I was not approached by a publishing company. But I was interviewed, I was given fanart, I made 2 book trailers, I was part of a character photo shoot, I got 7 reviews of Surrender, and I am almost finished Warrior, the second book in the series.

It has been a year filled with personal accomplishments regarding my writing. Part of me cannot believe that once I’m finished Warrior I’ll be planning the outline for Frozen, the third book in the series. And by this time next year, I will be just as close to finishing it.

Here is to hoping that 2011 is another year filled with writing accomplishments that get me that much closer to my goals.


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