Tamora Pierce . . . almost not

The weekend is a bit blurry. I went to panels, met Sharyn November, which was awesome. I got to talk to her at another panel which talked a lot about the editing process. I learned a lot about editors and their job, and in particular I have to say I love Sharyn for her humility in editing. She does strive to make her authors the best they can be. She does believe that everyone needs to be edited, but she’s not arrogant about it. She doesn’t do her job with the intention of being whimsical, she does it because it’s good for the book.

The topic talked to death was strong female heroines. I have heard every end of the spectrum now and the truth is, a strong female character is just a strong character that happens to be female. Nobody talks about strong male characters, so really, it was an interesting topic to discuss.

The amazing part of the day: meeting Tamora Pierce, whose books my grandma brought me when I was twelve, and who I am rereading now. We were late to get in line and almost missed the end of the line. If it was not for one awesome girl who gave us her spot because she could come back for the second signing tomorrow, we would not have made it. We were last and waited approximately two hours to see her, but the experience was amazing because of her words to me. I love everything she wrote in the book, and I hope to find what she told me to find.

The night ended with a panel on The Future of Publishing in which we discussed a lot of self publishing, contracts, and ecommerce. I learned things about amazon algorithsms I didn’t know before. I also learned alarming things about contracts I didn’t know before. Needless to say I am thankful I went!

The weekend is over for us, and we’re heading home tomorrow. I’ve taken away a lot of new authors to read, a lot of things to think about and two steampunk fairies who I think will look awesome in my office.

There was also some Once More With Feeling on Friday night, which was interesting because people in the audience kept telling Dawn to shut up. I didn’t realize how much the fans disliked Dawn. I personally didn’t mind her.

My next event is at a music festival in a small town in rural Manitoba, and I have no idea how it’s going to go, but I hope it’s good. I really like meeting my audience and connecting with them, both through my fiction and just as me.

Stay warm everyone!

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  • firebook says:

    I pride myself on not going fan girl but I'm pretty sure if I met Tamora Pierce I would cry. It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

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