SPOTLIGHT: OH HAI, Miriam Forster!

Good morning!

This made me laugh so hard! Yes people are watching you now! I’m just making a bigger point of that. Also posting this so I can post my comment on here for other people to troll around and see.

Letter to Miriam,

Hey, okay so I’m trolling your blog and thought I’d tell you my experience with the people watching thing and the people listening to you thing. I’m used to it. I work on a prolific psychic network, and my clients, TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. Rightfully so since I can read their bloody minds (and that’s not just some euphemism for I try and I get it almost right, no, word for word, it’s kind of freaky) and so I think because people take my advice on their real life issues (break ups, dating, marriages, careers, etc. etc.) it’s a lot more um, pressure. I do my best to tell the truth and to sound like I know what I’m talking about. (90% of the time I do but it doesn’t mean I don’t get insecure too) In your case, the only knowledge you have now is that you’re doing things right. I read the Miss Snark archives too! (Let me tell you wow on the cross eyed) Ha, I even donated 1000 so your agent would critique my work! (that’s just crazy now that I think about it) and the thing is, it’s not like she signed me up or something (though she might read this) Anyway, this is a long comment, but you’re going to be fine, at least people aren’t going to hunt you down with pitch forks if you tell them the wrong thing and say “You were wrong! You’re a fraud!” because they do that stuff to me, not you :)

And for the others in the blogosphere, Miriam Forster and her awesome agent Jennifer Laughran have sold two books to Harper Children’s!

The Book Series she sold (blurb from her website):


Nisha Arvi is a casteless orphan in an empire where caste and tradition are as unchanging as the roof of gray sky above her head. The only exception is the House of a Thousand Dolls, an estate where abandoned girls are trained to be anything from assassins to courtesans to nobleman’s wives.

Nisha is not so lucky. When she finds out that the House Council want to sell her as a slave, and also that they are hiding a series of mysterious deaths among the girls, Nisha makes a desperate bargain. If she can find the killer, she’ll have a chance at a caste and a future.

But it won’t be easy, because in the House of a Thousand Dolls missteps are as easy as wearing the wrong robe. And when Nisha suspects her best friend of the murders, she puts both of their futures in jeopardy.

Go over to her blog and congratulate her already!