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Coscom Entertainment welcomes DEBUT author Rhiannon Paille

The boy who follows death, meets the girl who could cause the apocalypse. That’s what sold Rhiannon Paille’s YA Fantasy, Flame of Surrender, to editor-in-chief A.P. Fuchs of Coscom Entertainment.
Fuchs has been active in the publishing field since 2004, having published 23 of his own books and collaborations to date. He’s the editor-in-chief of the premier house of monster and superhero fiction, Coscom Entertainment.

“I’ve always been a sucker for fantasies and the potential they hold for a rich and amazing story. Rhiannon’s book not only has that potential, it’s delivered on that potential. Readers will love it when it hits the shelves.” – Fuchs

Paille has been active in the comic con community for the past five years, acting as a Head Coordinator for the Central Canada Comic Con. She began writing The Ferryman and The Flame in 2009 and plans to turn it into a six book series. Flame of Surrender, the first installment of The Ferryman and The Flame, is about a boy that is destined to become the Ferryman, falling in love with a girl who is a Flame, one of nine individually handcrafted weapons that could cause the apocalypse.

“This story means a lot to me. It’s about kissing and death and tragic endings. I’m excited to be working with A.P. because he shares my vision for the book.” – Paille

Flame of Surrender will be available November 1st, 2011. Be sure to check out Coscom Entertainment’s booth at the Central Canada Comic Con, October 28th – 30th and pick up your copy of Flame of Surrender before it hits the shelves! For more information, please visit or

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