Short Story Tuesday: Jadeygoose loses her smile

Good morning!

Admittedly I don’t write kids books because I can’t find an illustrator, but here’s a sample of one I wrote based on something that actually happened with my daughter. She calls herself Jadeygoose and well the rest is pretty much history! Enjoy!

Loses her smile

By Rhiannon Paille
(and Jadeygoose)

My big sister was away at her friend’s house and I thought I would never smile again.
I shuffled up to my mommy on the couch.
“Mommy, I lost my smile forever!”
She smiled down at me and frowned. Before she could say anything I asked, “Is it in your pocket?”
Mommy laughed. “No Jadeygoose, your smile isn’t in my pocket.”
She stood up and I followed her.
“Is it in the kitchen?” I asked.
Mommy looked around and I stared at the floor.
She turned to me. “I don’t think it’s in here.”
I sighed. “I’ll never find my smile again!” I exclaimed with a big frown.
Mommy smiled and took my hand. “Let’s keep looking,” she suggested.
We looked all over the house. In the kitchen we checked all the cupboards; we even looked in the stove!
In the bedroom we looked under the blankets, and in the closet.
There was still no sign of my smile.
Downstairs we pawed through toy bins, checked in dollhouses and under my bed.
We looked in the bin of make believe clothes, and we asked my dollies if they had seen it anywhere.
Nobody knew where it was.
I was ready to give up when all of a sudden I felt my mouth do something funny.
My lips twitched, and the edges stretched.
I turned around and looked at my mommy.
“I found my smile!” I exclaimed.
Mommy looked at me. “That’s great! Where is it?” she asked.
“It’s on my face!”