Sharyn Freaking November: Before Meeting Her

All the things I wanted to say to you in our fifteen minute meeting that I thought about both before and after the meeting that I never said because I froze up like a crazy fangirl and cried after we met.

Or at least I think I cried because I haven’t even met you yet, I just found out you’re critiquing my work and I want to cry because I’m really really uber nervous about you liking or not liking my work.

So here’s what I didn’t say:

“I haven’t read the Firebirds Anthology. I wanted a copy but had to back order it and it’s not here yet.”

“I love what you’re wearing!” (Oh I will, but I’m not going to go around wearing it too. I’m a Value Village girl that tends to find one of a kind outfits to wear.)

“I’ve been working on my book for 6 years now, and I still don’t know if I like how it flows. When you stop telling me to edit and fix the weak spots, I’ll stop. I promise.”

“Yesterday I found out that a goblin was couching involuntarily. I didn’t know anyone could “couch” but apparently that goblin did.”

“One of my characters decided to look hungry at the wrong moment. I deleted it, wracked my brain for something to replace the word “hungry” and put “intense” which is what I had there before I changed it to hungry. *facepalm*”

“This is my first fictional novel, and I’m going to have a write a separate blog entry on where the idea for the story came from.”

“I’m a psychic. No really, I read people’s thoughts on a daily basis. I’m way too nervous to read your thoughts though so no I haven’t been in your head.”

“There’s 5 other books in this series. I’m currently working on the second one called Warrior. I have a full story arc in my head for all six books and the worst thing to happen in the whole series hasn’t happened yet.”

“I know publishing is hard, but I feel like the little engine that could. I’m all about perfecting my craft and making my writing better. In fact I’m with the Long Ridge Writer’s Group, taking their course, trying to improve.”

“I got lost in the parking lot.” (I probably will!)

“I still love Maggie Stiefvater. She’s my current favourite author.”

“Ooh! I have a group of cosplayers who have done stuff with my book. We did a scene from the book called the Journey to the Great Oak and we have the intro for the whole series coming out soon! The series itself has been coined as The Legend of The Watcher and The Flame.”

“I’m a big geek, and I help organize a comic book convention in Winnipeg. Oh and me and my husband own a comic book shop in Winnipeg.”

That’s all for the before thoughts . . .

On Monday I’ll have after thoughts.


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  • sdn says:

    You are adorable. I am sorry that the weather conspired against our meeting. I'll be in touch about the ms evaluation, though!

  • RhiannonPaille says:

    Did Sharyn seriously read this blog post? Also go me, I'm only seeing the comment 2 weeks after it was posted . . . *facepalm* When were you going to be in touch?

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