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So you see on the side there that I have a book by me out. It’s not a fictional book it’s actually a textbook on Psychic Development, but that’s besides the point. I am a published author.

I originally began with Lulu last year, April 2010. I went through the formatting process, got a cover artist, and put it out. I ordered my own copies, had other people order copies, etc. etc.

I didn’t sell that many, like under 100 copies. I still have some copies sitting in my closet in a box actually.

A few months after releasing it, I hated the title and the cover art. I dunno, something about it wasn’t doing it for me, so I started devising a plan to change it.

I found a new cover artist in October, who then backed out in January and who left me with nothing.

I found another new cover artist in January, and she did something fantastic for me.

I then went back to Lulu and put it together.

Then today, my friend sends me this link to this Amanda Hocking girl. Apparently Lulu is dead. I need to be putting my book out on every ebook reader out there, and get it on CreateSpace, etc. etc.

So now I’m doing that too. It should hit goodreads and librarything and amazon and barnes and noble in about 8 weeks again.

Until then, with a brand new cover you can buy the book at Lulu. Click on the icon below!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Also, I am looking for book reviewers at this point, to get some more exposure and so if you book blog and you’re interested in doing something non fiction that has a lot of educational value in the world of Metaphysics (because I mean you read enough Urban Fantasy already you might as well learn how it’s really done) then please shoot me a message!


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