Review: Yesterday by C.K. Kelly Martin

Title: Yesterday
Author: CK Kelly Martin
ISBN: 0375866507
Publication: September 25th 2012 by Random House, Inc
Received: Received from Netgalley
Links: Goodreads
Rating: 5 out of 5


THEN: The formation of the UNA, the high threat of eco-terrorism, the mammoth rates of unemployment and subsequent escape into a world of virtual reality are things any student can read about in their 21st century textbooks and part of the normal background noise to Freya Kallas’s life. Until that world starts to crumble.

My Thoughts:

Unfuckingbelievable! I don’t even know where to begin with this story. The writing is fantastic, but the story, geez, this story will have you gripped from the first page through to the end. You’ll be like me, trying to figure out just what is going on.

Freya isn’t your ordinary girl. She’s from 2063, from a time when there’s gushi (virtual reality on crack), grounded living (as opposed to doing everything in gushi), victorian style schools, bio-net (which controls everything for you), nanite technology, no airplanes, cloned combos of musicians, and unfortunately, a lot of chemical based terrorist attacks. The latest, Toxo, has begun to spread from Chicago outwards, claiming the life of her brother.

A brother she can’t remember having.

Freya wakes up in 1985 feeling sick. Nothing feels real. School, her sister Olivia, her mom Leila, this Seth kid, nothing. Apparently her dad is dead, and she’s mourning his loss, having moved from New Zealand to Toronto.

My criticism for this book is as follows: never ever ever again use a hypnotherapy session to give me a 25 page info dump on the future. NEVER. Bad CK Kelly Martin. I love you otherwise, but never again!

Also, equating time travel to a game of chutes and ladders? Or Snakes and Ladders? Smooth move.

And then we begin the montage of awesome Canadian and 80’s and 80’s music references that pretty much had me fist pumping the whole time. She mentioned Winnipeg! (And Bloor street, Spadina, and Parry Sound, eep!) I’m a Canadian girl so I can appreciate a Canadian setting like it’s nobody’s business.

Best reference: Hendris, the DNA of Jimi Henrix and Janis Joplin combined, which this future society decided is the epitome of musical perfection.

Did I mention there’s a sort of love story between Freya and Garren? They find each other, they used to know each other from school. Toxo claimed Garren’s sister Kinnari, and he doesn’t remember her at all. They end up in this together when CSIS (the Canadian version of the CIA) try to arrest them.

Anyway, there’s so many twists in this book it’s insane. For awhile I thought Freya was trapped in a gushi world, but alas I was wrong, it’s much more complex than that.

WHY are you not getting this book yet? Go go go! And while you’re at it, throw on Depeche Mode.