REVIEW: We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb

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The Blurb: As society becomes more and more technologically advanced, people are seeking new ways to interact. Humans are social creatures. Relationships and community are vital to our survival and our mental and emotional health.Writers, published and unpublished, fiction and non-fiction are hearing words like platform and brand with increasing frequency as the publishing paradigm shifts into the 21st century. The world around us is changing faster than ever, and publishing is certainly not immune.There are more opportunities for a new author today than there has been in the entirety of human history. Yet, the flip side of that reality is, with thousands and thousands of authors with books and blogs, how can a writer ever hope to stand apart let alone succeed?This book will show you how.There are countless social media experts, but Kristen’s system is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a writer. Take charge of your future today. You have great books to write, and don’t have time for rookie mistakes that can cost you years of rebuilding your name, brand, and platform.Kristen’s method is simple, effective, and helps auhors find ways to harness the imaginatin used for writing and employ this creativity to build a solid platform designed to connect with readers. This system is designed to change the writer’s approach, not the writer’s personality.And the best part is you have help. Remember, We Are Not Alone.

The Short Stick: You need this book, just admit it, you probably do.

The Goods: I was lucky enough to be able to get through about 50% of this book nodding my head and thinking that I already do all of these things, but there are always holes in any social media network and yes I have holes. I also have problems up the wazoo because I have an audience and have no idea what to do with it. You can bet I now have a word doc on my computer with about 150 titles of interesting blog posts that I will be dishing out slowly. I also have plenty of them written because I’m soon going to be guest posting and the worst thing an author can do is go on someone else’s blog and say “I have a book coming out, here’s what it’s about, go buy it.” Because um, #dead. So instead I’ve come up with a few little interesting articles that incorporate elements of my book and also relate things in my book to other books out there. It’s A LOT of work but it’ll be worth it.

A long time ago I told my crit partner that I could write essays about FLAME OF SURRENDER and this is true because this is exactly what I’m doing, only I get to create the essay questions and instead of them being “Explain the anthropological elements of your story” it’s more like, “Is Krishani a bad boy? See how he measures up” Yep . . . these are going to be fun, flirty and enticing.

I also have a ton of other ideas including some videos and blooper reels and interviews with the people who are stepping into my character’s shoes for the Book Trailers. (Oh I’ll explain that later)

But the thing is, none of this would have happened without Kristen’s book. I would have continued being ranked a 56, I would have continued to have plateaued my network and you people would still be confused as to what I’m all about.

The biggest things she helped me with were my bio, my content and my syncing. I’ll admit, facebook has been a barren tundra for awhile, and I wasn’t even on myspace (who knew people still go there?) So I found her book really helpful and informative.

The Not So Goods: If you’re like me, you probably have some stuff set up but not everything, and so you do need to read it just for a reality check but at the same time, her advice is really simple and will likely only get you started. She mentions the need for another book explaining more, and I’ll likely be picking it up when I plateau again. The whole thing is, I feel like I’m still building potential, I’ve managed to roll the giant rock almost to the cliff, but I need a few more pushes before I launch it off the edge and it spins and gains momentum and well okay that rock is ultimately going to crash and explode at the bottom of the cliff, but you get my point . . . it’ll do a lot of things all by itself without me doing anything once it’s off that cliff.

With any luck my rock won’t go SPLAT.

Rating: 5/5

Recommendation: Go buy it, if you’re confused about what to use twitter, myspace and facebook for, go get this book. You’ll become a lot more effective and you’ll thank Kristen later for opening your eyes.


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  • says:

    I love Kristen's book–and Kristen herself really CARES about writers being successful. That comes through loud and clear. Great review–and I'll say "ditto."

  • warriorwriters says:

    Thank you for this wonderful review. I REALLY appreciate it. Feel free to ignore MySpace, actually. This is one of the problems with writing books about social media. The platforms change all the time. That is why I wanted to give you guys tools to make your platform rock solid no matter what platform is the hot thing. MySpace went crazy two weeks after WANA came<br />out (*bangs forehead on desk

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