Review: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

*sigh* Contrary to popular belief I did not fall for the hype of Beautiful Disaster. I read it, and salivated over it a little, but I didn’t feel the need to write a harsh review about it because frankly, I could see something like that happening. In fact, I feel like these books might be based somewhat in truth. Either that or Jamie McGuire is really good at making stuff up.

That being said I first spotted Beautiful Disaster at a Safeway. I read the back of the book blurb. I thought it looked interesting. I was going to pick up the paperback but chickened out and got the kindle version. Meh, women are allowed to be ashamed of what they’re reading too. I didn’t want my husband knowing I had bought yet another book. Boo.

Beautiful Disaster was good. Walking Disaster was great. The story from Travis’s point of view puts more into perspective. Of course it was the same story as Beautiful Disaster, but there were a few different scenes we missed, and a few scenes that were nice to see from the alternate POV.

My biggest pet peeve with both books was the bet part. I felt like it came into the story too late. The boiler being broken was a great way to get Abby into Travis’s bed, why mess with that genius? It was also logical, unlike the bet which frankly had I been Abby, I wouldn’t have bothered keeping at all.

The rest was pretty sound, Travis’s jealousy issues, the supposed friendship, Abby’s past, Vegas, the fighting, the fire, all of it was fantastic. And actually, the covers and the trailer was amazing. That’s really what got me when it came to Walking Disaster, I loved the trailer. And when I saw it on NetGalley I snatched up a copy pronto because I couldn’t wait until April when it came out.

So there you have it, I read these types of books too, and while I liked this one, there are others I’ve liked more. Don’t eat the hype people, read what you want to read.