REVIEW: The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa

My first thought when I saw this book on NetGalley was OMG another book by Julie Kagawa! Click click click click click click.

Then a few days later Harlequin approved me (thanks ladies!) and I downloaded the book onto my kindle.

And then life got in the way and I began reading but I kept putting the book down and reading nothing because I wasn’t in a reading mood this year.

I finally came back to The Iron Traitor in November wondering what I had missed. I really didn’t like the cover on this one, the guys on the previous covers looked like teenagers, and they greatly differed from the “Fabio” hunks on the usual Harlequin covers. (Hey Harlequin has come a long way but they still put out those “Harlequin Novels”)

This guy looks like Fabio, the chiseled jaw, the pointy nose, the longer hair, the gray eye. I just couldn’t connect with him and I’m pretty sure this is meant to represent Kierran so okay that’s great too, once again a character I didn’t connect well with in The Lost Prince . . .

In some ways I feel like Julie and I have some of the same ideas and then completely different ways of executing those ideas on paper, which I love about her. I like the way she weaves the fantasy world with the real world.

This book was a bit different, the plot has been getting more and more diluted as the books go on. I’m all happy for more Iron Fey books don’t kid me, but Ash and Megan had their day, their huge war, and they won their Iron Throne. Ash even oddly enough went off to get his humanity and then somehow kept his abilities as an Ice Prince.

Iron Traitor kind of picks up where Lost Prince left off. The Forgotten aren’t feeding on exiles anymore, but they’re feeding on something worse, and then Annwyl the girl Kierran is in love with, is dying of the Fade, which leads them into a slew of trouble trying to figure out how to stop the fade. There are a few new fae creatures in here, one of which I liked was the Thin Man.

Without giving too much away, the story got interesting about a quarter of the way through, when Ethan is in New Orleans and Kenzie shows up anyway despite him telling her not to. And it’s nice watching Kenzie save Ethan’s ass, since he pretends to be such a bad boy.

There’s a guest appearance briefly by Ash, a new way to travel through “the In Between” and an ending you definitely won’t forget. Oh and then a ritual with Guro that will take you by surprise. I was surprised because that ritual was done rather well, and rather accurately for the results the characters wanted to pull off. I liked the real feel to it, it gave the story a lot of believability.

And then the end came and I was pretty much shocked. I wasn’t sad and I didn’t cry but I was like, “wow, another person taking more risks, I wonder how this is going to be taken . . .” You know, because one author already killed off their main character this year and ignited an uprising, now we have another author doing it and here I am over here in my little Indie Corner with my not very well known book series in which I also killed off my main character … and I’m thinking “great now there’s nothing I can do to be original anymore.” but I did it in the first book, and I’m glad there’s another book in Julie’s series because otherwise I might be upset.

So the thing is, this is the fifth in the Iron Fey Series and if you haven’t read the other books you should because they are SO GOOD! This feels a bit like we’ve been there before, but at the same time, Julie is upping the ante with the characters and making good decisions and she’s got a story arc that I want to see to the finish line, so hopefully this finish can be as good as the one in The Iron Knight (book 4 in the series)

This book has been out since the end of October, so if you haven’t read it yet go grab your copy and get reading!


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