Review: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

By now you’ve read this book, and if you haven’t you should.

There are no real words to describe this book, this trilogy really. It’s more of an experience that everyone has to live through in a different way because if you really think you’re just safe sitting on the couch, lying in bed, reading at your desk at work, then you’re wrong. You’ll soon begin to feel very very not safe, no matter what you do.

Safety is sort of the key. And you won’t be safe until you finish all three books.

When I began the book I was in my car. I heard it was going to become a movie. I saw it win Best Teen Read in Canada, ( and even though I avoided the book due to the premise on the back, I felt the urge to read it.

The first seven chapters whipped by me and I realize that this is not a love story. There’s love incorporated into it, but it’s not a love story, not really. I put it down. I contemplate reading the rest. I tell myself maybe it’s better I don’t know what happens in this series. I tell myself these things because I don’t want to know what will happen in the arena with Katniss and Peeta.

I really like the idea of not having nightmares.

The next day I pick it up again out of boredom, I continue reading. That’s when it gets good. The interview by Caesar Flickerman with Peeta. That’s when I have to read the rest. I finish it that night, sitting by my computer, my tailbone going numb despite the chair below me. I’m half monitoring the kids eating dinner, half reading about Katniss trying not to let Peeta bleed to death, or die of blood poisoning. I hear her sing to Rue, I watch horrendous things happen in a cornucopia I can only partially imagine . . . because it seems so ridiculously gawdy and out of place. I listen as the rules change, and then change again.

I wonder who’s going to die next, and how.

And then it’s over. Katniss pulls out those berries that become a symbol and the 74th Hunger Games are done. She did well, they did well. Haymitch did well.

Hard to judge a book when everyone is so real, hard to criticize the things you don’t like happening. I have to say I didn’t guess on the plot to this book. I honestly thought something else was going to happen. And it didn’t. What did happen kind of pulled me out of some crazy stupor and made me want more.

I was sad when the cameras were off. Somehow I don’t think I was the only one.

The worst part about The Hunger Games was that when I was finished, I couldn’t start reading Catching Fire. That was because I didn’t buy the books as a set.

And then there were nightmares.

I don’t think I can give this book a rating out of 5 stars, it’s more than 5 stars in my opinion. When a book reaches that place where it changes your view of the world, changes how you feel, makes you feel, that’s when a book has surpassed being a book . . . and becomes a legend.

Yeah, I’d say this book is a Legend. I highly doubt anyone will ever forget The Hunger Games.


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  • Ani Raye says:

    Yes.<br />I loved this book, and I loved Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I read HG and CF before MJ was released, and the wait was terrible. Still remember waiting for the book after preordering it nearly 5 months prior to the release. I read it in one go too, staying up the whole night. Read the whole series, it&#39;s one terrific speed rap of a trilogy.

  • The Mistress of the Dark says:

    I have to buy the trilogy when the money fairy arrives.

  • Natasha M. Heck says:

    I&#39;m glad you read them and enjoyed them as much as did! Oh, so many late nights I had to finish them…<br /><br />I was at Hot Topic last night and they had posters of the 74th Hunger Games out for free that were nice sized and on thick poster paper. One is yours if you just say the word! I grabbed extras to give away at CoreCon.

  • RhiannonPaille says:

    Do you need to ask? Yes! Set one aside for me please!

  • Natasha M. Heck says:

    *Set poster aside* Now just remind me to give it to you when I see you! I enjoyed reading your reviews and the honesty you put into your reactions. Honestly, I think I will be re-reading them again in the near future.

  • Mike Mauthor says:

    I love this book also but the author&#39;s plot isn&#39;t original. Battle Royale by Koushun Takami had this concept first before The hunger game but that didn&#39;t hinder me from enjoying it. Hope the movie capture the intensity of the novel.

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