REVIEW: The Discovery of Socket Greeny by Tony Bertauski

Synopsis: The Discovery of Socket Greeny is the first book in a young-adult scifi trilogy that explores love, angst and Zen-like acceptance of true nature in kick ass fashion. Reluctant readers, especially boys, will find this story compelling, enlightening, entertaining, and, yes, even emotional.

Work has always come first for 16-year old Socket Greeny’s mother, especially since his father died. But when she shows him the inner workings of the Paladin Agency, he discovers why it’s so important. It’s an underground world of technological wonder including bat-like grimmets, spherical servy-mechs and humanoid butlers with brightly lit faceplates. They traverse the planet through wormholes to keep the world safe, but from what, they won’t say. Although his mother is not actually a Paladin, and neither was his father, both have worked for them for most their lives. Socket, however, is different than his parents. He somehow is a Paladin and soon finds himself in the center of controversy and betrayal when he’s anointed the agency’s prodigy. He didn’t ask for the “blessing” of psychic powers and the ability to timeslice and he doesn’t want to be responsible for the world. He just wants to go home and back to school and be normal again. But, sometimes, life doesn’t give us that privilege, his mother tells him. And when the world is soon threatened and the Paladins are forced into the public eye, Socket discovers what his mother means. If he doesn’t embrace his true nature, life as we know it will change forever.

Review: I was surprised by this one. I happen to be very selective in my reading likes and dislikes and because of that I don’t pick up a lot of indie books. In fact, I often look at bestsellers and cringe. That being said, Socket Greeny is a beautifully written techno sci-fi I almost want to go cyber punk novel that pushes the envelope of traditional sci-fi. For one I love the sim world that Streeter, Chute and Socket par take in, I also like the journey he goes on when he becomes a discovery. I don’t know how to put that but basically something is wrong with Socket when his sim dies, and he’s on a journey to find out what it is.

I was gripped until the end of this book and I’m anxiously waiting for the second installment to come out.

If you want to pick up a copy now, clicky the link below!