REVIEW: The coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen

To my utter surprise, I downloaded this book because I loved the cover. I saw it posted on Regina Wamba’s wall (she’s from Mae I Design and will rock your socks off) on facebook and I thought it looked like a good book. Lately I had been craving something good to read, contemporary, imperfect, and maybe even Indie.

Jessica Sorensen fit the bill for all three of those. Callie and Kayden are the epitome of messed up. Callie doesn’t even like it when people pay attention to her, much less jock Kayden. She does her best to stay invisible. Of course, as the story progresses things between Callie and Kayden heat up and what started as a “Who are you again?” kind of encounter becomes an “I’ll never forget you.” kind of thing.

I will say I read this book too fast, and in my car, in January. I will say I found the writing average, meaning it wasn’t really teaching me things I didn’t know before, but the story itself was enjoyable. Yes I’m weird for wanting to read books that are newer but that challenge me as a reader, go figure.

I like that Jessica Sorensen is an Indie Author, but then I’m even more proud of her because after I read Callie and Kayden I had the urge to look it up on Amazon and lo and behold, it had the #1 spot. It wasn’t just #1 in a category it was #1 on ALL OF AMAZON. Which was kind of amaze-balls to me. I didn’t learn about the book hype until after I fell in love with the book is basically what I’m trying to say.

Since Callie and Kayden, I’ve read Ella and Micha, which I plan on reviewing very soon as well. If you haven’t picked up on Jessica Sorensen yet, you should because she’s definitely one of the hottest new writers out there and you won’t be sorry you did!


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