REVIEW: Stolen Dreams by Stacey Kennedy

Synopsis: Tess Jennings has the ability to see and talk to spirits. On a daily basis, they harass and annoy her to save their souls. Sometimes she helps, other times she ignores them, but one ghost will give her no choice. Kipp McGowan, a cop with the Memphis Police Department, uses his ghostly charms to gain her attention and forces her to expose herself to his partner.

As she’s pulled into the five year old cold case of Hannah Reid she wants no part of, she finds herself in more than one precarious situation. But that’s the least of her worries―Tess begins to have a serious problem on her hands. Kipp might be dead, but he’s drop-dead gorgeous and she’s beginning to forget that he’s a ghost.

Murder and corruption has brought Tess and Kipp together. But as her feelings for Kipp deepen, she suspects she just signed herself up for a one-way ticket to the nut house, and can only hope, straitjackets come in a size four.

Review: There were many many sexy moments in this book. I swear, if there was a situation to be had in a book this one has it. It starts out sexy from the hop and continues down a road of awesomeness, pretty much right to the end. Stacey has a way of pulling you into her world and making the characters jump off the page at you. She also had a way of making it impossible to put the book down, which is good! You’ll find yourself enthralled with this one, and probably turned on by Kipp. The only thing you will do that might be bad is scoff at some of the cliche ghost moments, which are par for the course. Just put yourself in Tess’s shoes and you’ll find yourself asking the same cliche things.

Go pick it up!