Review: Soul Stalker by Laura Kreitzer

Being the Illuminator is not all happiness and light, especially when everyone thinks you are dead. When Gabriella decides to finally let her angels know that she is alive, Joseph and an unexpected friend help her. The Darkness Illuminator is not as in control of her power as she believes, which makes for a very comedic and endearing relationship that blooms between the three. A fender-bender debacle, a run-in with the cops, and a hiccup at the airport seem to all be worth it until Gabriella finds out her plan has backfired.

Title: Soul Stalker
Author: Laura Kreitzer
Published: September 30th 2010 by Obsidian Mountain Publishing
Links: Goodreads
Received: Bought on Kindle
Rating: 5 of 5

My thoughts: I don’t understand angel books. And I feel like this one is very different from all the other angel books I have read. Gabriella is a die hard skeptic, she doesn’t believe in Angels, but she works in the fishbowl which actually researches the existence of supernatural creatures. She’s a scientist through and through and likes to question everything.

If you read Shadow of the Sun you’d know that Gabriella faked her own death. In this book, she’s still fighting against the Soul Stalker, the woman who tricked her into trusting her in the last book but is basically bad news. Gabriella returns to her friend Joseph who’s just your everyday FBI agent. She has to find her angels and explain to them she’s still alive.

Gabriella isn’t sure what’s happening to her since she died. Her blood is silver now instead of gold, she has some new abilities she can’t control, and by the end of the book her entire anatomy and everything seems to be turning dark on her. She’s really fighting against a lot, including the Soul Stalker to save the world.

What I like most about Gabriella is her sense of self. What I dislike is her disposition. She laughs at the most inappropriate moments in the book and it always throws me off. I guess book humor is just different, and so while I’m reading and all engrossed I just find myself jarred by the jokes. I don’t read a lot of amusing funny haha books so yeah, and the stakes are so high for Gabriella that I don’t know how she could laugh about this stuff.

This book was out in 2010 and Shadow of the Sun was out before then, there’s Abyss next and Fallen Legion will be out very soon. If you’re into a more realistic version of angels, then this is a good series to pick up on.